We are Silverton Consulting,
a storage industry analyst agency.

We supply vendor and IT storage analyst services.

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Our services.

Vendor Marketing

supplying storage industry analyst services to storage vendors and their business partners.


supplying SWOT, technology management, and strategic planning.

Product Development

supplying competitive analysis, performance tuning, development process review.

Data center services

supplying data storage & backup selection, purchase, setup and ongoing maintenance/tuning.

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Our Analyst Research

NAS Buying Guide

Our guide to purchasing file storage containing feature comparisons, performance rankings & our NFS and CIFS/SMB ChampionCharts.

SAN Storage Buying Guide

Our guide to block storage with feature comparisons, performance rankings with OLTP, Throughput & Email ChampionCharts.

SAN-NAS Buying Guide

Our guide to choosing between file and block storage with product descriptions, characteristics, questions for vendors, & helpful hints.

61: GreyBeards talk composable storage infrastructure with Taufik Ma, CEO Attala Systems.


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