Rocky Mountain National Park vista

Rocky Mountain National Park vista

For Data Center and IT services clients we provide,

  • Network storage and iSCSI/FC storage area network (SAN) design, selection, deployment and optimization
  • Network attached storage (NAS) and storage device consolidation planning, assessment, and tuning
  • Data protection, data backup and recovery strategies planning, assessment, and tuning
  • Disaster recovery planning and assessment
  • Storage virtualization planning, assessment, and tuning
  • Storage Intelligence (StorIntTM) Dispatch performance reports and announcement summaries
  • Storage Intelligence (StorIntTM) SAN-NAS, NAS & SAN Storage Buying Guides for IT and data center staff

For Storage and Systems Analyst Services we provide,

  • Marketing communications (MARCOM) and best practice assessment tools
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • New product marketing and development improvement
  • Data storage competitive intelligence
  • Storage devices optimization and benchmarking
  • Product competitive positioning
  • Storage Intelligence (StorIntTM) Dispatch performance and announcement summaries

For Strategic Planning Services we provide

  • Strategic planning and SWOT analysis
  • R&D portfolio and technology management
  • Engineering assessment

For System and New Product Development we provide

  • New product development and systems design process improvement
  • Project review and management
  • Set-based design and concurrent engineering support
  • Intellectual property support

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We publish a monthly newsletter with storage intelligence [StorInt(tm)] Dispatches which report on major storage announcements and the latest storage performance results.

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SCI was founded in 2004 to help system and storage vendors improve product development, support and marketing and help data center customers better purchase, provision and utilize data storage.  We have helped clients from Fortune 500 companies to startups. References available upon request.