Silverton Consulting, Inc. is a Storage, Strategy & Systems consulting services company, based in the USA offering products and services to the data storage community. Ray Lucchesi is the President and Founder of Silverton Consulting.

For reporters on deadline, email us at, or call Ray at +1-720-221-7270.

For more information on our company please see our About page.

We no longer issue press releases as of year end 2008. If your interested in finding out what we are doing, please check out our RayOnStorage blog, our monthly Greybeards on Storage podcast or follow us on Twitter @RayLucchesi

Silverton Consulting current press releases:

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Silverton Consulting 2008 press releases:

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Silverton Consulting 2007 press releases:

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Silverton Consulting 2006 press releases:

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Silverton Consulting 2005 press releases:

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