Interior view of a data center with equipment

Interior view of a data center with equipment

SCI provides IT services focusing on data storage and associated areas of business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR), data protection/backup and virtualization services for data centers and service providers. Specifically,

Network attached storage (NAS) appliance, storage area network (SAN) storage, and direct accessed storage (DAS) planning, design, and selection: supports iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN and/or NAS request for proposal (RFP) or request for price quotes (RPQ) purchase processes; facilitates the planing, design and selection of external storage/storage network infrastructure, NAS, iSCSI or FC SAN storage subsystems for your data center.

NAS, SAN, and/or DAS storage consolidation: supports the merging of isolated file and/or block storage into fewer and more manageable storage appliances. For additional information on this service please see our Storage Magazine article on NAS Consolidation Options.

Data protection i.e, backup, restore and recovery planning, selection and tuning: supports data backup/data deduplication solution acquisition, RFP and RPQ processes; and helps IT design, choose and tune data protection and/or backup architectures, deduplication appliances, backup/restore systems, server and software for disk based and/or tape backup storage, cloud backup solutions, and/or offsite backup repositories to meet data center recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).

BC/DR plan, design, assessment and testing: helps IT define business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities needed to support data center recovery point and recovery time objectives, supports data/application classification activity, assists in the selection of offsite storage, replication and/or mirroring services, helps audit IT BC/DR planning for your data center and helps IT validate BC/DR requirements.  For doe ideas on planning for DR, please see our Successful DR Testing and Virtual DR presentations and/or other articles in our document archive.  For more on the topics listen to our RPO and RTO and Data classification podcasts.

iSCSI/FC SAN storage and NAS system performance tuning: helps IT select storage features/functions to ptimize data center performance, and assists in configuring storage for optimal performance. For more information on storage system performance please review our article Pump Up Array Performance article, presentation, or podcast series for your review. Current storage system performance rankings are available in our NAS Buying Guide and SAN Storage Buying Guide. Finally, we report on current standard storage performance metrics such as block or iSCSI/FC SAN, NFS and CIFS and Exchange storage performance in our monthly newsletter which can also be found in our posts page.

Storage virtualization planning, design and selection: helps IT plan for, design and choose storage virtualization solutions that match data center storage needs. For a view on user experience with storage virtualization products read our Storage magazine cover article on Storage Virtualization – Tales from the Trenches.

In addition, we summarize major storage announcements and current performance results in our monthly newsletter (signup above right) and sometime later will also be found in our Posts page.

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