SAN-NAS Buying Guide


SAN-NAS Buying Guide provides guidance on the selection between SAN block and NAS file storage for your application environment. We also provide some performance information and detailed questions to ask your storage vendors before you buy.



  • SAN & NAS Storage Features

    We describe important features of file and block storage

  • When to use block vs. file storage

    We provide guidance on deciding between SAN vs. NAS storage

  • Performance of SAN & NAS systems

    We supply select data on file and block IO performance

  • Questions for SAN & NAS vendors

    We identify key questions to ask on SAN & NAS storage

NAS & SAN Storage Features

After describing various storage alternatives, we detail some of the more important features of NAS and SAN storage systems.

When to use NAS vs. SAN storage

Deciding where to use NAS or SAN storage is not difficult but does require an understanding of their basic characteristics and where they work best.

Performance of NAS & SAN storage

We supply select information on different file and block protocol performance so to help you decide what's best for your datacenter.

Questions for SAN & NAS vendors

We supply over 20 questions to ask your SAN and NAS vendors before you purchase, so that you make an informed decision on what to buy.

Entry-level, all-flash storage can cost $25,000 & up
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  • Feature descriptions
  • When to use
  • SAN & NAS protocol performance
  • Questions to ask
  • Spiral bound print
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