EMC 2007 Jul 16 announces new features for DMX-4, CLARiion, Centerra LP, Rainfinity, Celerra NS20/NS40

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This Silverton Consulting (SCI) Storage Intelligence (StorInt™) Dispatch provides a summary of EMC’s recent platform announcement that announced a new Symmetrix DMX-4, new Centerra low power node, new low-end Celerra with multi-protocol support (incl. FC), a new bundled offering for Rainfinity, and a new O/S version for Clariion.  Overall all platforms now support the new 750GB SATA II drive that is reducing power and cooling requirements across the board.

EMC DMX-4 Symmetrix available August’07

DMX-4 has a new switched backend for better serviceability and the latest revision of the microcode has improved overall I/O performance 30%, remote replication by up to 33%, and Timefinder/Clone services by up to 10X.  EMC continues to roll out further integration with their RSA acquisition by integrating Symmetrix audit logs with RSA Envision audit log services which provides more automated policy based handling across the data center for security audit logs.  DMX-4 also now supports 750GB SATA II drives to further strengthen their “in the box” tiering strategy.  Also the entry level DMX-4 950 now supports mainframe FICON.  Finally DMX-4 has increased the number of Timefinder/Snap copies from 16 to 128

Centerra LP node available July’07

Consistent with the ‘green’ theme of many recent announcements, Centerra has a new low-power (LP) node (Gen 4LP) and support for 750GB drives that is fully compatible with current Centerra nodes and is 67% more power efficient with reduced footprint as well.  A new version of Centerra software was also introduced with enhanced security, clustering and management automation. In addition EMC has released a new version of their Power Calculator that incorporates the new Centerra LP node as well as other product enhancements announced today.

Celerra NS20/NS40 FC available August’07

To address down-market opportunities, Celerra has introduced a new low-end product the NS20 integrated NAS system.  EMC now supports multi-block protocol, i.e., FC, iSCSI, and NAS on the NS20 and integrated NS40.  Also EMC has spent some effort to improve the installation/setup for these systems and claims 15 minutes from ‘power on’ to ‘ready for file creation’.  Included with this release are some new customer oriented cookbooks on how to setup Celerra for Oracle, Exchange, and SQL server use.

Rainfinity File Management Appliance available July’07

Also to address additional down-market opportunities, Rainfinity now comes in a bundled lower entry point solution that consists of the file management and archive features.  This allows an entry system to support the most popular components of the Rainfinity solution – file migration and archive – in one simple package.  The bundled solution is fully compatible and can be upgraded to the complete Global File Virtualization product.  EMC also stated the Rainfinity product is available via the channel.

Clariion Flare 26 available August’07

Clariion has a new release of their O/S, Flare 26 that has added RAID6, 750GB drive and native iSCSI support for MirrorView and SAN Copy.  Also they have added enhanced security including role base authentication and functionality with increased audit logging.

Announcement significance

EMC continues to invest in and evolve the Symmetrix hardware and firmware architecture over time.  The green theme is also impacting new product enhancements almost across the board and Centerra has taken a system wide change to reduce power needs.  Celerra, Symmetrix, and Rainfinity have new offerings taking their solutions down-market.  There is some significance to the fact that both IBM (see IBM070710-020 StorInt™ Dispatch) and EMC have now expanded their mainframe offerings down-market – is there some resurgence in low-end mainframe activity or just picking off low hanging fruit?

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EMC 2007 July 16 Platform announcement