Dispatches-2007 Summary

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Here are summaries of some 2007 storage announcements from major vendors and other data storage information provided by SCI as Storage Intelligence (StorIntTM) Dispatches. More current dispatches can be found at StorInt Dispatch page.

Cisco 2007 July 24 SAN OS3.2 announcement (314.9 KB, pdf)
Cisco announces new fabric functionality including in the fabric encryption and data migration
EMC 2007 July 16 Platform announcement (221.3 KB, pdf)
EMC announces new Symmetrix, a new Celerra, a new Centerra node, new Clariion features, and a new bundled Rainfinity offering
EMC 2007 October 15 New NetWorker, Disk Library, Backup Advisor and Homebase (210.5 KB, pdf)
EMC announces new NetWorker integration wih Avamar and RecoverPoint technologies as well as new versions of DL6000, Backup Advisor and HomeBase .
EMC 2007 September 6 Avamar announcement (236.1 KB, pdf)
EMC announces new packaging for Avamar servers and a new VMware integrated product
IBM 2007 Aug 28 DS3300 and Sep 10 N-Series announcement (326.5 KB, pdf)
IBM annonces new DS3300 iSCSI block storage and new N3300 and N3600 NAS devices
IBM 2007 July 10 Tape Systems announcement (240.9 KB, pdf)
IBM announces new features for TS7700 and TS3400
IBM 2007 October 22 announcement of new DS8000 microcode, SVC 4.2.1, TS7520 release, and VFM (214.0 KB, pdf)
IBM releases new performance and functionality improvements to DS8000, releases new copy services for SVC, announces faster, higher capacity TS7520 and new Virtual File Manager solutions
SCI 2007 August 15 SPC and SPEC® SFS97 Performance Results Update (1.5 MB, pdf)
SCI updates performance results from latest Storage Performance Council (SPC) and Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation System File Server (SPEC® SFS97) benchmarks
Seagate 2007 October 15 announcing new secure disk storage (408.3 KB, pdf)
Seagate together with IBM and LSI announces data-at-rest encryption for disk storage