HP 2009 Mar 10 StorageWorks SVSP, EVA, and Data Protector Announcements

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HP StorageWorks SVSP, EVA, and Data Protector Announcements

Today, HP announces a new refresh to their EVA storage line and SVSP appliance as well as a new version of their Data Protector backup package.

EVA Refresh

Last year HP refreshed their low end EVA 4400, and today the rest of the EVA product line gets a refresh with the new EVA 8400 and 6400 storage subsystems.  The new products inherit the new 2U-12 slot drive trays of the 4400.  HP also announced today that EVA now supports vRAID6 arrays, a 32TB (up from 2TB) LUN size and SSD drives (from STEC).

It seems everyone is moving to support SSDs.  HP indicated that they only support a maximum of 8 SSD drives behind one EVA and believes there exists only a few business cases where SSDs behind an EVA makes sense.

In addition, both the EVA 6400 and 8400 now provide better capacity footprint and density.  The 8400 now supports up to 22GB of cache for applications requiring more pre-fetch or a high amount of burst write data.  The 6400 and 8400 now support up to 64 LUN snapshots up from a maximum of 16 previously.  HP Command View the EVA configurator and manager now performs better and the Replication Solution Manager now supports all EVA generations for both local and remote replication environments.  Finally, Dynamic Capacity Manager now supports Linux LUNs, which allows customers to both expand and shrink LUNs for Linux and Windows operating systems.

The EVA is 4Gb FC throughout its architecture.  EVA’s iSCSI attach is provided by a separate appliance installed in front of the EVA.  There was some mention of increased backend or replication FC ports but no information was supplied to validate this.  Front-end FC port counts have not changed from prior generation EVA products.

SVSP virtualization appliance

HP announced late last year the SVSP, an OEMed, fabric-based, out-of-band storage virtualization appliance and is enhancing it today with a new release.  The SVSP now supports more data path modules, which provides better performance and/or support for larger storage configurations.  HP also increased domain support (synchronous replication) out to a campus-sized environment, now supporting heterogeneous synchronous copy services up to a distance of just under 25KM between nodes.  Also, HP expanded the list of compatible O/S and storage devices supported by the SVSP.

The SVSP as released last year supported heterogeneous, non-disrupting data migration, storage pooling, thin provisioning, LUN snapshot, LUN cloning, local synchronous heterogeneous mirroring, and remote asynchronous heterogeneous replication services.  HP targets the SVSP for environments that have between 10-50TB of heterogeneous storage.  Such data centers have great difficulty managing all the heterogeneous storage and a product like SVSP can help them to manage their storage environment much more effectively.

Data Protector 6.1

Data Protector now supports one central repository for all encryption keys required throughout an enterprise.  As such, Data Protector managed encryption keys could be used by LTO-4 encrypting tape drives, network encryption engines and/or other security applications throughout the data center.  Data Protector has also improved its integration with VMware system services to better support VM backup, snapshots, and restores.  Finally Data Protector now better manages deduplication appliances such as VLS9000 and D2D4112 as well as supporting a completely incremental backup service that no longer depends on taking occasional full backups.

Announcement significance

In their announcement, HP’s refresh of EVA and enhancements to SVSP functionality reveals a continuing interest in the midrange data center.  HP also touched on product positioning for their recent Lefthand Networks acquisition.  HP currently positions Lefthand products between HP’s EVA and MSA storage product lines and seems to be using it as an easy way to convert customers from DAS environments to SAN storage.

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HP 2009 March 10 Announcement of refreshed EVA 8400 and 6400

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