Data Domain 2009 Mar 23 announcement of their new DD660 appliance

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Data Domain announces DD660

Today, Data Domain announced a new addition to their deduplication appliance series called the DD660.  Combined with their earlier announcement this month on software upgrades that boost inline deduplication performance, Data Domain has been busy.

New DD660 appliance

The DD660 joins Data Domain’s appliance series, one of the widest product line-ups in the deduplication field.  The DD660 fits right below the top end DD690 system and supports up to 36TB of raw capacity (26.1TB usable) with up to 2TB/hr (~555MB/sec.) of inline deduplication performance. It is priced at US$130K, presumably this is the base appliance with no additional storage and supporting the standard NAS interface.

The DD660 is based on a quad-core processor, with 16GB of RAM, and supports up to six Gbe ports, two dual port 10Gbe copper, two single port 10Gbe optical, or two dual port 4Gb FC interfaces for VTL mode.  The DD660 does not support gateway services.  The base system comes as a 2U high appliance with 12-1TB drives and supports up to two drive expansion shelves of up to 12TB usable capacity each.

New base system performance

Data Domain released a new version of their appliance software (Data Domain Operating System version 4.6) that boosted inline deduplication performance across the board.  This is a free upgrade to all current maintenance licensed customers.  According to Data Domain part of this was just plain tweaking of their software functionality, part of this was performance gains from using the latest OpenStorage (OST) interface from Symantec, and part of this was better support for multi-core processor chips.

With the latest performance update, Data Domain’s DD690 can now sustain up to 2.7TB/hr or 750MB/sec of inline deduplication performance.  Such performance was only available before from post-processing deduplication systems and they believe that the DD690 performance is now better than what could be achieved from a non-hardware compressed VTL without post-process deduplication.

Please note there is no formal independently verifiable or validated performance benchmark for deduplication system performance.  Any such benchmark would be entirely dependant on data being backed up, its duplication characteristics, the software package used to backup the data, etc.  This is probably one reason that Data Domain quotes performance using Symantec’s OST interface.  How this compares to non-OST performance has not been discussed but presumably non-OST performance would be less than the quoted numbers.

Announcement significance

In their announcement, Data Domain, once again, showed improved financials results.  For example, revenues for Q4’08 were almost 90% over Q4’07 and they more than doubled last fiscal year’s revenue moving from US$123.6M in FY’07 to US$274.1M for FY’08.  Data Domain currently has over 2900 customers and continues to add new customers each quarter with over 380 new customers added in Q4’08 alone.  Although Data Domain or deduplication systems cannot take all the credit, they showed that tape revenues were down significantly in 2008 across all enterprise class tape manufacturers.

Data Domain continues to aggressively expand their product portfolio, especially at the high end and seem to be visibly moving up market.  The DD660 continues this trend and is a worthy addition to their product line.  The latest better performing, software upgrade is a boon to all current customers and reflects well on their continuing engineering investment.

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Data Domain 2009 March 23 Announcement of new DD660 appliance and new performance

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