EMC 2009 May 19 Backup, Recovery and Archive (BuRA) product announcements

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EMC Backup, Recovery and Archive (BuRA) product announcements

EMC recently announced updates to their NetWorker, Disk Library and Avamar products.

NetWorker enhancements

NetWorker’s Avamar source deduplication now supports new application modules.  Specifically, NetWorker can now source deduplicate data for Microsoft applications, which includes source deduplication for Microsoft Exchange, SQL server, SharePoint and Hyper-V server virtualization data.  Also in this release is an update to the NetWorker Oracle application module, which now supports source deduplication of Oracle data. From now on, all future NetWorker application modules will pickup source deduplication capabilities when combined with the NetWorker Avamar integration software.

NetWorker FastStart, one price-one model was introduced last year for the mid-market.  The latest release includes new “push-client” install capabilities and extended VMware support.  EMC mentioned that push-client install support would come out later this year for other NetWorker offerings.  Push-client allows NetWorker software installation on brand-new servers without manual intervention.  In addition, EMC mentioned that NetWorker FastStart has been very successful in opening up new markets for NetWorker.

Disk Library 1500 and 3000 enhancements

DL1500 and 3000 data replication performance has been significantly improved and replication granularity has been reduced.  Also, DL1500 and 3000 now support NetWorker “push-to-tape” services which can be used to tell the DL to move date from the disk buffer out to physical tape without using NetWorker data movement overhead.  Similarly, EMC has now been released DL support for Symantec OST API to allow NetBackup users to push data directly out to tape behind a DL.

DL1500 and 3000 now also ship with Data Protection Advisor.  DP Advisor can provide DL troubleshooting and monitoring, available from EMC’s WysDM acquisition last year.  Once in place within a data center, DP advisor can be licensed/upgraded to support troubleshooting and monitoring for the whole data center backup environment.

Avamar enhancements

Avamar now supports source deduplication for SharePoint 2007 as well as Lotus Domino data.  EMC says that SharePoint is one of the fastest growing environments in today’s data center and is well suited to source based deduplication.

A new Operational Assurance for Avamar service offering was introduced.  This offering provides consultant time to implement Avamar best practices and/or to expand Avamar to other parts of the data center.  EMC finds that once they attain a small Avamar footprint in a data center, customers often want to expand Avamar support beyond its original implementation.

New Deduplication assessment service

Another new service offering supports an EMC Deduplication Assessment service.  This service provides a customer tailored assessment of the various EMC deduplication environments for a data center.    The service involves installing custom scanning software into the data center that then gathers data change rates and backup times for current production activity.  From the gathered data a trained service person can estimate deduplication ratios and storage requirements for EMC’s deduplication data protection products.

Announcement significance

New service offerings are as much a statement of customer as product need.  When one has two or more ways of supporting one function some way must be provided to help customers and channel partners decide the right choice for a data center.  Filling this gap was an obvious critical need for EMC.

We have commented previously that the NetWorker-Avamar integration was a smart play on EMC’s behalf and one can start to see here some of the benefits of that approach.  As NetWorker upgrades its application services instant source deduplication support is also released.

Deduplication is obviously becoming more important to EMC.  One could easily say that this was a deduplication announcement as a BuRA announcement as almost everything announced involved some deduplication functionality.  One can start to see here movement to quicken mainstream adoption of EMC’s deduplication products by surrounding the customer with everything they need to understand, deploy and support deduplication.

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