Data Domain 2009 Jul 20 announcement of new DD880 appliance

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Data Domain announces DD880

Today, Data Domain announced a new addition to their deduplication appliance series called the DD880.  They also announced additions to their management GUI and expanded replication fan-in support.

New DD880 appliance

The DD880 joins Data Domain’s appliance series, one of the widest product line-ups in the deduplication field.  The DD880 fits in as a new top end appliance, supporting up to 96TB of raw capacity (71 TB usable) with up to 5.4 TB/hr (~1.5GB/sec.) of inline deduplication performance.  The base level appliance with 32TB of raw capacity is priced at US $400K and supports the standard NAS interfaces.

The DD880 is a quad socket, multi-core processor, with 48GB of RAM, and supports up to 6 Gbe ports, 2 dual port 10Gbe copper, 1 single port 10Gbe optical, or 2 dual port 4Gb FC interfaces for VTL mode. The base system comes as a 4U high appliance and supports up to 6-drive expansion shelves of up to 16TB raw capacity each.

Data Domain performance is based on 10GbE interfaces and Symantec’s OST services.  OST provides faster data throughput than normal VTL or straight NAS data backup and as such, is not necessarily comparable to other interfaces.  OST is a separately licensed interface available from Data Domain that only works with Symantec products or other OST licensees.

As discussed previously, there is no formal independently verifiable or validated performance benchmark for deduplication system performance.  Any such benchmark would be entirely dependant on data being backed up, its duplication characteristics, the software package used to backup the data, etc.

Other announcements

With today’s announcement, Data Domain now supports up to 180 remote appliances replicating to a single centralized DD880.  Previous versions only supported up to 90 appliances replicating to a single system.  This is particularly useful for those companies having many remote offices or regional data centers that wish to backup to a centralized IT data center.

Also announced today were enhancements to Data Domain’s management GUI, the Enterprise Manager.  Today’s release of Enterprise Manager (Version 4.7), adds support for configuring multiple appliances, using VTL, replication and retention services.  The new Enterprise Manager also supports added monitoring capabilities for NAS services, retention support as well as normal maintenance services.

Announcement significance

In their announcement materials, Data Domain showed some TIP (The Info Pro) Spring 2009 survey results that showed Data Domain was number 1 in backup deduplication and number 3 in VTL for open systems.  Such survey results indicate continuing mindshare for Fortune 1000 IT environments and bode well for future Data Domain revenue acceleration.

Also in DD’s announcement materials were some charts that showed the competitive landscape.  In a single system view, the DD880 now beats all competition in raw throughput.  Although in all honesty, these are OST performance for DD880 versus competitive reported performance numbers which may not be based on the OST interface.  DD also believes they are now faster than a standard VTL appliance with no deduplication support.

Any discussion of Data Domain cannot hide the fact that EMC is acquiring them.  In my blog I discussed some things EMC should consider doing with the Data Domain product line and technology.  One item I highlighted then was to add to DD’s top end an appliance to go after more of the enterprise market.  It seems obvious now that DD had also been looking at this end of the market as well.  Well hopefully my other hints to EMC and Data Domain will be as successful.

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Data Domain 2009 July20 Announces DD880 appliance

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