Spectra Logic 2009 Nov 11 announcement of their new T-Finity tape library

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Announcing Spectra Logic’s New T-Finity tape library

Spectra Logic turned 30 years old this November and as part of that celebration they rolled out their new high-capacity/high end T-Finity tape library.

T-Finity tape library

For all the talk that tape is dead it seems to be alive and thriving in some segments of the IT market space.  Certainly the economics of tape storage are hard to overcome once you have bought into the media and infrastructure.  So it comes as no surprise that Spectra Logic would advance a new high-end/high-slot count tape library system.

The new T-Finity library system supports over 30K LTO tape cartridge slots, dual robotics, bulk entry, eject, and can connect to up to three other T-Finity library systems to form a T-Finity complex.  Such a T-Finity complex can support over 122K tape slots and 480 tape drives.

(Spectra0911-001) (c) 2009 Spectra Logic, All Rights Reserved

(Spectra0911-001) (c) 2009 Spectra Logic, All Rights Reserved

The library offers a linear rack form factor footprint.  The minimum T-Finity takes three frames: two for robotic service and one for drives and associated library electronics and it can be extended to include 25 frames supporting the full 30.5K cartridge library system.  A full T-Finity library can also support up to 120 tape drives.  Also, T-Finity cartridge slots can be licensed in 10-slot increments.

(Spectra0911-002) (c) 2009 Spectra Logic, All Rights Reserved

(Spectra0911-002) (c) 2009 Spectra Logic, All Rights Reserved

The T-Finity dual robotics support high availability as both robots can access all tape slots in the library.  If one robot goes down it can be pushed into its service port with the “robot joust” for service.  The T-Finity supports up to 4000 cartridge exchanges per library per day, supports LTO-2 and above tape and is upgradeable from previous generation Spectra Logic tape libraries such as the T-950.  Also, the T-Finity uses their TeraPack™ cartridge packaging to optimize library floor space (See Figure 2 above).

In addition, the T-Finity comes with Spectra Logic software for media, drive and library lifecycle management that can be used to predict when components such as media are about to fail, so they can be replaced prior to outage.  With this software and the new highly available T-Finity library, Spectra Logic states that it can deliver up to 4-9’s reliability for tape data storage.  Also the T-Finity comes equipped with an onboard key manager to support LTO tape encryption.

Announcement significance

It might be premature to discuss a tape renaissance but there seems to be increasing interest in the life of tape. Spectra Logic believes the T-Finity is the largest single library system and library complex available today which gives them the ability to compete with high-end Sun SL8500 and IBM TS3500 tape libraries which currently have a lock on this end of the library market space.

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Spectra Logic 2009 November 11 Announces new T-Finity tape library

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