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We now turn to analysis of the latest SPECsfs® 2008* benchmark results. Fortunately there were a number of new NFS and CIFS benchmarks over the last quarter, including eight new NFS results in the top 10 and a couple of new CIFS results in the top 10.

Latest SPECsfs2008 NFS results

(SCISFS091230-001) 2009 (c) Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

(SCISFS091230-001) 2009 (c) Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

Huawei Semantec’s N8500 NAS storage system came in with a new number one result at over 176K NFS throughput operations per second.  This was accomplished on Huawei server and storage hardware running Semantec’s FileStore Clustered NAS appliance software.  Rounding out the rest of the top 3 were BlueArc’s new “midrange” Mercury 100 cluster, and HP BL860C.  Both the HP and Huawei Semantec systems supported multi-node clusters, 12 nodes and 4 nodes respectively and both were running Semantec’s VxFS software.  The BlueArc system has hardware acceleration and running on a two-node cluster.

Avere is a new NAS storage system and also supports a multi-node cluster.  There were three Avere systems benchmarked in this last quarter with six nodes, two nodes, and one node.  Their six-node system attained #4 of the top 10, running at over 130K NFS throughput operations with minimal disk drives (using only

79 drives).  Most of the other systems in the top 10 had many more drives with the exception of NetApp FAS3160 with PAM acceleration that ran with 56 drives.

(SCISFS091230-002) 2009 (c) Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

(SCISFS091230-002) 2009 (c) Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

For operational response time (ORT) results, we can see more of Avere systems in the top results attaining three out of the top four ORT results at 1.3, 1.33, and 1.38 msec. respectively.  It’s interesting to see that the other top 10 NFS throughput results from Huawei Semantec and the NetApp systems also achieved top 10 ORT results as well.

Latest SPECsfs2008 CIFS results

(SCISFS091230-003) 2009 (c) Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

(SCISFS091230-003) 2009 (c) Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

There were two new CIFS benchmarks from Fujitsu submitted this last quarter, one for their Primergy TX200 S5 and one for their Primergy BX920 S1.  Both results managed to attain a position in a top 10 CIFS result, one in throughput and the other in ORT.

It doesn’t appear that the SPECsfs CIFS benchmark is gaining much mindshare.  As of this dispatch there are only 11 total submissions.  Nonetheless, the latest Fujitsu Primergy TX200 reached the top 10 (out of 11 – sigh).   The dominant result remains with Apple’s Xserve running Snow Leopard running over 44K CIFS throughput operations per second.

(SCISFS091230-004) 2009 (c) Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

(SCISFS091230-004) 2009 (c) Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

In the CIFS operational response time results, the new Fujitsu Primergy BX920 S1 attained #5 with a 2.9 msec. ORT.  Once again an older Apple storage system holds the top ORT result at 1.2 msec.


Nice to see some activity at the top end in NFS results.  The Huawei Semantec system has laid down the gauntlet with some pretty impressive numbers but we have yet to hear from some other vendors with enterprise class systems.  NetApp, as always, was early to submit benchmark results for their current systems and their next generation Data ONTAP 7G will also support a clustered file system. Can’t wait to see how well that performs.

We are a bit disappointed in the paucity of CIFS results and yet continue to report them in the hope that more will be released.  But as the benchmark has been out for over 18 months now it is not gaining many adherents.  Also it would be wonderful to see more submissions for both benchmarks using the same hardware/software so that end-users could see what they are getting when they use CIFS or NFS.

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SCI 2009 December 31 Update to SPECsfs® 2008 performance results

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