Symantec 2010 Jan 25 announcement of the new NetBackup 7

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Symantec announces new NetBackup 7

This Silverton Consulting (SCI) Storage Intelligence (StorInt™) Dispatch provides a summary of Symantec’s recent release of NetBackup 7.

Dedupe anywhere backup

NetBackup always had superior support for those dedupe vendors, which supported their Open Storage Transport (OST) protocol for backup VTLs or other storage appliances.  But with NetBackup 7 they have now integrated PureDisk deduplication both at the client and the media server end.  PureDisk, as you may recall provided source deduplication services for remote office environments.  Now with PureDisk integration, NetBackup clients or media servers can provide deduplication services as well.

Dedupe is heating up some more and I thought last year was hot.  By providing deduplication at the client and at the media server, customers can now easily tailor their deduplication processes to support their backup needs. For example,

  • Dedupe at the client and you burn more client resources but spend less time transferring data downstream from the client to the media server and from the media server to the backup storage.
  • Dedupe at the media server and you offload client processing to the media server but spend more time transferring data between the client and media server.
  • Dedupe at the backup storage end and you offload the media server deduplication processing to the storage but you spend more time transferring data to the backup storage.

Tighter VMware and Hyper-V integration

For VMware, using vStorage new APIs, NetBackup can now provide block level incremental backup (BLIB) support for virtual machines without being in the VM.  This allows for quicker backups and lowers server impact for backup activity.  BLIBs can be restored, just the same way incremental file backups can be restored, by supplying the last full backup and all BLIBs since the last full backup.

Of course client side deduplication discussed above can also reduce the IO impact of backup activity for both VMware and Hyper-V.  And as deduplication doesn’t really distinguish between virtual or physical servers, data can easily be deduplicated wherever it resides in your backup stream.

Also for both VMware and Hyper-V, NeBackup now offers a guided VM recovery mode which can provide instant file level recovery from any type of backup, disk or tape.  Previously this was not available from tape backups.

Global Data Protection

With OpCenter and OpCenter Analytics, NetBackup 7 now offers a consolidated view of a distributed NetBackup environment.  As such, NetBackup can now provide monitoring and alerting of issues across all backup sites as well as consolidate backup and archive reports for all sites.  Of course with integrated deduplication, replication of backup data across sites can be done consuming much less resources.  Also backup copies can be coordinated across sites so that immediate copies are available onsite, less immediate copies offsite, and less frequently accessed data copies in tape archives at yet a third site.

Other changes

NetBackup now supports Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange 2010, and Enterprise Vault 8.  It can also now be used to integrate backups in the Oracle cloning process to minimize the impact to production databases.  Also, Symantec simplified licensing of NetBackup for physical hosts and now offers a TB based license model that includes clients.

Announcement significance

Symantec talked up their beta program for NetBackup 7 as being very active (211 active customers) with over 4300 total test days.  It seems the problems they had with previous releases have resulted in a beefed up beta program.  Only field results matter but better beta testing can only help.

Deduplication proliferation cannot be stopped.  In a few years it has gone from a standalone, esoteric technology to a viable feature, fully integrated into many backup and storage products.  Everything I see is that this trend continues for the foreseeable future.

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Symantec 2010 January 25 Announcement of NetBackup 7

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