HP 2010 Jun 22 StorageWorks StoreOnce, P4800 Storage Blade SAN and other announcements

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New HP StorageWorks StoreOnce, P4800 Storage Blade SAN, EVA FCoE&iSCSI, and SVSP-EVA bundle

HP StorageWorks made some new announcements coincident with the start of Technology Forum this week.  HP announced new software functionality called StoreOnce that provides deduplication services for multiple product incarnations.  Also, HP promoting their converged infrastructure approach has released a P4800 storage controller blade for their blade enclosure that provides iSCSI storage.  Finally, EVA through the use of a router now supports FCOE and iSCSI interfaces and HP announced a new EVA Cluster which bundles their SVSP (HP SAN Virtualization Services Platform) with EVA storage subsystems

HP’s StoreOnce deduplication software

HP has introduced a new software deduplication service intended to be used across their product line.  Using this software, deduplicated data should no longer need to be re-constituted as it hops from appliance to network back to storage subsystem.  The software will eventually be used in backup clients, virtual machines, inline appliances, and scale-out storage systems and once implemented should allow for a relatively low-bandwidth data replication between diverse HP StorOnce systems and software.

The first instantiation of HP’s StoreOnce appears in their new D2D4312 Backup System as well as other current D2D products. The D2D4312 system supports up to 48TB of raw storage and HP says it has 20% better performance and 2X price-performance than the leading competitor.  Also, they have now added NFS, CIFS, and OST to their current interfaces of FC or iSCSI VTL for the D2D4312 appliance.

P4800 BladeSystem SAN

HP StorageWorks also announced a new packaging of their P4000 (formerly LeftHand) storage controllers that now comes in a blade configuration.  The P4800 blade system can support up to 4-storage blades, SAS attached to 140 disk drives in a high density MDS600 cabinet for a total of 63TBs of iSCSI storage.

The P4800 makes use of HP’s Virtual Connect Flex-10 Gbe networking technology providing high performance, eliminating switches, cabling and reducing administrator burden.  HP has demonstrated the P4800 using VDI services in a reference architecture, which supports up to 1600 users at ½ the cost and 60% less space than competitive offerings.  In any case, as standard iSCSI storage the P4800 can support any application’s storage needs.  HP’s current BladeSystem has slots for up to 16 blades but can be extended by adding another blade enclosure for an additional 16 blade slots.

Other Enhancements

In addition, HP announced that their MPX200 router now supports FCoE and iSCSI attachments for EVA and XP storage.  MPX200’s FCoE interface protocol support is provided free of charge, via a firmware download.

Also HP is now offering a system bundle that includes SVSP and EVA 6K and/or 8K storage subsystems.  Previously, all of this could have been ordered separately but now can be ordered direct from the factory, in a pre-configured, factory-tested configuration.  EVA Cluster configurations scale from 2 to 6 EVA subsystems and includes two Virtualization Services Manager servers as standard.  The SVSP can also provide storage virtualization services for other, heterogeneous storage subsystems and as such, the bundled SVSP-EVA configuration can attach other storage subsystems behind the SVSP nodes.

Announcement significance

HP’s rolling out of StoreOnce is a good idea but one implementation does not suffice to show any true advantage other than performance gains.   On that note, D2D4312’s performance gains have been independently verified.  However, given the lack of standard and independent performance benchmarks for deduplication systems, any realistic performance comparisons are very difficult to validate.

The new P4800 Blade System SAN shows HP’s converged infrastructure strategy is starting to bite.  It’s entirely understandable that LeftHand storage would be first as they already support a virtual appliance and prior to HP’s acquisition ran on standard x86 servers.  Using this to implement a super VDI-in-a-box infrastructure is a great application

The other two announcements are much less exciting.  Bundling SVSP and EVA may be good channel strategy if demonstrable need exists.  SVSP, in its prior incarnation may be a bit more complex than most channel players can deal with but bundling like this makes it easier to sell by isolating most configuration complexity at the factory and not at the channel.

As for the MPX200, HP seems to be causing some turmoil in FCoE standards bodies with HP and Cisco trading claims of standard breaking but we must leave that for another time.  However, anything that adds new storage protocols to the EVA seems a smart play from our perspective. That the MDX200 is a bump in the cable is ok for now but in our opinion this functionality or something like it needs to be natively integrated into base EVA storage.

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HP 2010 June 22 StoreOnce dedupe and new P4800 BladeSystem SAN announcement summary

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