IBM 2010 Jul 20 announcement of their new TS7610 ProtecTIER

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Announcing IBM TS7610 ProtecTIER

Deduplication Appliance Express

IBM recently announced a new low-end version of their ProtecTIER® deduplication appliance focused on their mid-market customers.

TS7610 ProtecTIER Appliance Express

IBM is moving down market with this latest addition to their ProtecTIER Deduplication family of products.  The TS7610 starts out with a minimum of 4TB usable capacity this is after RAID and other overhead within the appliance but can be expanded to 5.4TB and compares favorably in cost-performance against leading competitive products.  The capacity upgrade is field license-able and does not require any additional storage to be installed.

Further, any ProtectTIER user storage capacity would be multiplied by whatever deduplication ratio one achieves with the product.  For example if a workload were to attain a 20:1 deduplication ratio then 4TB usable would represent 80TB of customer data.

From a hardware perspective, the TS7610 comes in a 3U rack mounted enclosure holding 12-1TB SATA drives using RAID 6 protection with a Quad core 2.33 GHz Intel XEON processor and supports up to 80MB/second or more inline deduplication performance.  Recall that inline deduplication doesn’t temporarily store duplicate data, like some competitive offerings do, it performs deduplication in real time as the data is received.

Other previously available members of the ProtecTIER family include:

  • TS7650 ProtecTIER appliance that supports from 7 to 36 TB of usable capacity with up to 500 MB/s or more throughput
  • TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway that supports up to 1 PB of general purpose FC attached storage with 1000 MB/s of throughput in a clustered, high-availability configuration.
  • TS7680 ProtecTIER Gateway for z/OS combines a virtual tape library solution, inline data deduplication and disk-based storage options to provide users an optimal disk-based target for System z applications that traditionally use tape.

All ProtecTIER appliances support FC VTL interfaces and the TS7610 incorporates the same ProtecTIER technology as the other members of the family only in a plug-n-play, channel ready package.

For example, ProtecTIER deduplication technology does not use a hashing algorithm to determine if data is a duplicate but instead performs a bit-for-bit comparison to determine if data is unique or not.  This unique and patented deduplication technology was designed to provide 100% data integrity and can never lose data through hash collisions.

Also, ProtecTIER many-to-one replication was previously released and can now be used with the TS7610, TS7650 Gateway and Appliances to support remote office environments that wish to replicate backup data to a central site.  A remote office TS7610 can be easily setup with an IP address and power at the remote site and once booted, the rest of the configuration can be all handled by the central site.

Announcement significance

It seems most of ProtecTIER’s competition is trying to move up market while IBM is moving down.  IBM has had and will continue to have a lot of success with large enterprises buying ProtecTIER solutions but needed something they could offer to medium sized organizations through the IBM Business Partner community.  The TS7610 looks like it will fit the bill nicely.

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IBM 2010 July 20 Announcement of new TS7610 ProtecTIER appliance

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