Quantum 2010 Aug 30 announcement of their new DXi6700 Deduplicating VTL

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New Quantum DXi6700 Deduplicating VTL

Quantum recently announced a new deduplication appliance, the DXi6700, that supports FC VTL services aimed at the mid-range market.

DXi6700 Deduplication system

Quantum has leveraged the latest Nehalum Intel processor to produce the DXi6700.  The DXi6700 supports up to 3.5 TB/hr of data throughput using parallel deduplication processing which as you may recall buffers data on disk and then begins deduplicating the stream in parallel with ingest. The new system is customer scalable from 24 to 56 TB usable and has 4-8GFC ports, two for host and two for backend tape connections.  DXi6700 follows on the success of the previous DXi6500 NAS/OST deduplication system but supports the FC/VTL protocol.

From a spec sheet comparison perspective, the DXi is just a skosh slower than the latest EMC DataDomain DD670 in VTL mode (3.5TB/hr for DXi vs. 3.6TB/hr for DD670), with similar user capacity (both at 56TB usable).  Quantum provided a price comparison at 32TB useable that showed the EMC’s DD670 VTL was 55% more expensive than the DXi6700 – but remember VTL is a separately chargeable option on EMC DataDomain products.

In addition, the DXi6700 system is one of the only deduplication systems that supports a direct path to tape (PTT) feature that can be managed via backup software (NetBackup, Backup Exec, Networker, Oracle Secure Backup, and Atempo).  In this mode the backup software catalogues the data on both the virtual cartridge and physical tape.  Using direct PTT, the customer benefits from the backup performance of deduplicated disk storage with the long-term economics of tape – the best of both worlds.  The data is reconstituted (un-deduplicated) before copying to tape but can be compressed and encrypted by the tape system to reduce footprint and secure data-at-rest.  Quantum also offers tape transports and libraries to complement their DXi systems.

DXi6700 also bundles all its software functionality in the base system price that includes PTT, deduplication, replication, and DXi advanced reporting.  This way it’s ready to support replication whenever you need it.  Plus, the DXi is configured using the same Quantum Vision software, which manages the rest of their product line so you can configure and report on both the tape and DXi sides from the same pane of glass.

Announcement significance

Quantum has had great success with the DXi6500 as a midrange solution focused on one standard interface (NAS/OST).  With the DXi6700 addressing FC/VTL customers with a simple to use product that can be easily pushed through channel/business partners, I am sure they will find more success here as well.

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Quantum 2010 Aug 30 releases the new DXi6700 Deduplication Appliance

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