Dispatches-2010 Summary

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Here are summaries and PDF versions of 2010 storage announcements from major vendors and storage performance data provided by SCI to our newsletter subscribers.

SCI 2010 Dec 14 latest SPECsfs2008 benchmark results analysis for NFS and CIFS (738.9 KB, pdf)
SCI's latest Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation - System File Server (SPECsfs2008) NFS results with two new NetApp submissions on the FAS6420 with 1TB of Flash Cache and a FAS3270 as well as LSI's Cougar 6720 and CIFS benchmark results with new EMC Celerra VG8 with VMAX backend and NetApp FAS3210 with 512GB of Flash Cache.
SCIs 2010 Nov 18 Latest SPC results analysis (1.7 MB, pdf)
There have been five new SPC-1 and -1/E submissions since our last report, namely two from Xiotech (Emprise 5000 with 300GB and 600GB drives), IBM Storwize V7000, Huawei Symantec S8100 4-node, and NetApp FAS3270A (SPC-1/E). You may recall that SPC-1/E is an energy monitored version of the SPC-1 test so we have been combining these two test results into our SPC-1 analysis
NetaApp 2010 Nov 09 New NetApp storage systems, Data ONTAP, and other announcements (383.7 KB, pdf)
NetApp recently announced a new generations of their high-end and mid-range storage systems, denser and faster drive solutions, new Data ONTAP licensing and enhanced functionality, new rebranded/bundled management solutions, new unified connect adapters and new FlexPod for VMware pre-configured data center building blocks.
SCI 2010 Oct 25 Latest Microsoft ESRP v3 (Exchange 2010) results (1.7 MB, pdf)
We discuss the latest Exchange Solution Review Program results. There have been a large number of submissions this past quarter with at least five new ones in the 1K-to-5K mailbox category discussed below. Future dispatches will report on the 1K-and-under and the over-5K mailbox categories while previous ESRP V2 and ESRP V3 analysis are available on SCI’s website
IBM 2010 July 20 Announcement of new TS7610 ProtecTIER appliance (281.8 KB, pdf)
IBM's new mid-range VTL deduplication appliance comes out joining the current TS7650, TS7650G gateway and TS7680 gateway for z/OS. The TS7610 supports 4TB base RAID protected usable storage and can be expanded to 5.4TB. It also supports up to 80MB/sec inline deduplicatian ingest rate under FC VTL interface.
SCI 2010 July 28 Latest ESRP V3.0 for Exchange 2010 results (762.5 KB, pdf)
SCI's latest Exchange Solution Review Program (ESRP) analysis examines all current submissions for ESRP V3 with Exchange 2010.
IBM 2010 Oct 07 announcement of Storwize V7000 Storage System (269.9 KB, pdf)
IBM recently announced a new storage subsystem the Storwize V7000, which takes some of the DS8000, SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and XIV and combines them into one low-cost, highly compact storage solution.
HDS 2010 Sep 27 announcement of their new enterprise storage, the VSP (373.9 KB, pdf)
HDS announces their brand new enterprise class storage subsystem the VSP with new hardware, new scaleability and new storage tiering.
SCI 2010 Sep 23 latest SPECsfs2008 benchmark results analysis for NFS and CIFS (471.1 KB, pdf)
SCI's latest Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation - System File Server (SPECsfs2008) NFS and CIFS benchmark results with new EMC Celerra VG8, and Hitachi/HDS's 3080 cluster.
Quantum 2010 Aug 30 releases the new DXi6700 Deduplication Appliance (182.4 KB, pdf)
Quantum releases their latest entry for midrange customers needing a FC/VTL deduplication appliance, the DXi6700. It has some pretty impressive performance, supports 8GFC and direct path to tape among other features. The DXi6700 joins the already released DXi6500 (NFS & OST) midrange deduplication appliance solution to fill out Quantum's portfolio.
SCI 2010 Aug 27 Latest Storage Performance Council (SPC) results analyzed (857.4 KB, pdf)
Latest SPC results analyzed for Oracle Sun and HP EVA SSD submissions. We also examine the surprising energy consumption results for the current crop of SPC-1/E submissions.
EMC 2010 July 20 Data Domain new DD670 appliance and mainframe deduplication option with their DLm960 (271.6 KB, pdf)
EMC introduces a new midrange deduplication appliance with upgraded processing power and data storage the DD670. This appliance supports from 8.2 to 56TB of RAID protected usable storage and supports both IP based protocols (NFS, OST and OST Boost) as well as FC/VTL mode. In addition, EMC also announced a new target for their System z/mainframe disk library (DLm960) which now can be a DD880 as well as the current NS960. This provides a new deduplicated data repository for the DLm960 z/OS environment.
SCI 2010 June 29 Latest SPECsfs(R) 2008 performance results (613.3 KB, pdf)
In SCI's Latest Standard Performance Evaluation Corp NFS (SPECsfs® 2008) analysis we examine 5 new submissions from NetApp (3) and
HP (2). We now have a new top contender in NFS throughput and have our 15th CIFS submission. We show top 10 results for NFS throughput and ORT as well as CIFS throughput and ORT. The CIFS results now include NetApp systems with FlashCache (formerly known as PAM-II).
HP 2010 June 22 StoreOnce dedupe and new P4800 BladeSystem SAN announcement summary (283.6 KB, pdf)
HP StorageWorks latest announcements at HP TechForum were on the new StoreOnce deduplication services, new iSCSI P4800
BladeSystem SAN (formerly from Lefthand), new FCoE and iSCSI support and a new SVSP-EVA 6K or 8K subsystem bundle for the channel are discussed.
2010 May 27 SCI's latest analysis of SPC results (1.3 MB, pdf)
SCI's latest review of Storage Performance Council (SPC) results which now combines SPC-1 and SPC-1/E results. This report adds two new Huwaei Symantec Oceanspace subsystems the S2600 and S5600, Fujitsu ETERNUS DX400 and DX8400 and the latest IBM DS8700 (R5.1) with SATA and SSD drives using Easy Tier storage tiering automation. Where applicable we have added Xiotech's SPC-1/E results for their 146GB and 600GB runs.
2010 May 11 EMC announces new Unisphere, FAST Cache, FAST and other enhancements (283.2 KB, pdf)
EMC® recently announced updates to their CLARiiON® and Celerra® management service which they have now combined into Unisphere, as well as a new SSD (FAST) cache option for both systems. Additional, FAST for sub-LUN and other enhancements are now available for CLARiiON and Celerra NS systems.
SCI 2010 April 29 Latest ESRP V3.0 for Exchange 2010 results (867.3 KB, pdf)
SCI's latest Exchange Solution Review Program (ESRP) analysis examines all current submissions for ESRP V3 with Exchange 2010. This marks our first performance report on Exchange 2010 storage and with only 4 submissions there isn't much to report on but IBM's XIV did surprisingly well compared to IBM's SVC, HP's EVA and EMC's AX4-5i.
IBM 2010 April 19 Announcement of DS8700 5.1 with new Easy Tier (287.3 KB, pdf)
IBM rolled out their new Easy Tier functionality and other enhancements to their latest version of DS8700. Easy Tier can migrate sub-LUN extents up and down a storage hierarchy used to optimize subsystem performance with SSDs and hard disks. Other enhancements included new higher capacity disk drives, new SSD mini-packs, full disk encryption for PCI support and other items.
EMC 2010 April 14 Announcement of Data Domain GDA and other enhancements (281.9 KB, pdf)
EMC's Global Deduplication Array (GDA) add's a new performance paradigm for Data Domain using Symantec's OST interface. This allows two GDAs to cooperate and boost performance by moving some deduplication processing up into the media server. Other Data Domain enhancements included additional replication options and increased data security.
SCI 2010 March 31 Latest SPECsfs(R) 2008 performance results analysis (703.7 KB, pdf)
In this new SPECsfs(r) 2009 report our CIFS claim of 2X the throughput is proven decisively wrong by EMC's latest Celerra NS-G8/V-Max backend results for NFSv3 and CIFS. The V-Max backend included SSDs as well as spinning disk in its configuration and was the first high-end NAS system to submit a CIFS benchmark. We also discuss recent analysis of CIFS vs. NFSv3 ORT comparisons.
SCI 2010 February 23 Review of Latest SPC-1 and SPC-2 Performance results (791.9 KB, pdf)
The latest Storage Performance Council's SPC-1 and SPC-2 benchmark results are analyzed. IBM released some new SVC 5.1 benchmark runs which claimed top IOPS(tm) performance for this analysis. We added a new chart tracking performance by capacity which showed a high correlation (R**2=~0.8) between capacity and IOPs performance in SPC-1 results. As for SPC-2, IBM released a new DS8700 benchmark which came in at 3rd place in the MBPS(tm) performance.
IBM 2010 February 8 Announcement of Scale Out NAS (SONAS) Solution (271.3 KB, pdf)
SONAS is based on IBM's General Parallel File System (GPFS) that is now packaged with hardware and storage into a single or multi-rack configuration supporting NFS and CIFS file system access protocols. IBM has offered GPFS in the past as a software only system supporting their own parallel file access protocol. Today, IBM's SONAS solution can scale up to 7.2PB of file storage and provides high performance NFS and CIFS file serving requirements. SONAS is targeted at HPC and other environments that need such services.
SCI 2010 January 28 Analysis on recent ESRP results (792.1 KB, pdf)
Our latest Microsoft Exchange Solution Review Program (ESRP) analysis focuses on the 1001 to 5000 mailbox category and discusses some new drive or spindle oriented analysis of recent submissions. We also continue our analysis of ESRP results for database latency, database backup and include a special analysis of log write activity.
Cisco 2010 January 26 Announcement of New Service Oriented SAN capabilities (261.4 KB, pdf)
Cisco recently expanded their Service Oriented SAN offerings to add I/O acceleration and Secure Erase to the already Data Mobility and Storage Media Encryption. They also now offer a new SNS-16 port FC switch hardware package which includes 4 Service Engines to support these capabilities.
Symantec 2010 January 25 Announcement of NetBackup 7 (259.4 KB, pdf)
NetBackup now integrates PureDisk, Symantec's source deduplication capabilities into the base product. Also NetBackup 7 now supports tighter integration with VMware which provides for block level incremental backups (BLIBs) for VMs. And for both VMware and Microsoft's Hyper-V, NetBackup offers guided restoration support.