NetApp 2011Nov08 Announces new FAS2240 storage system

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NetApp recently introduced a new entry level storage system above their FAS2040 and below their medium class system the FAS3210.

FAS2240 system

The FAS2240 is a new, entry-level storage system.  The system lists at under US $16K and has an impressive list of software functionality, including just about any advanced storage system feature imaginable.  This new system also introduces some interesting new channel capabilities such as storage capacity additions and software licensing at PoS.

In addition, NetApp is retiring their FAS2020 at this time.  The FAS2020 had been the low-end of their storage line, which now makes the FAS2040 their new low-end storage system.

FAS2240 Hardware

The new system supports up to 374TB  (-2) or 432 TB (-4) in a single or dual controller configuration.  Each system has up to 12GB of cache memory for dual controller configurations.

There are two different form factors for the FAS2240 a 2U utilizing SAS high performance disks and a 4U featuring high capacity SATA disks.  The new product is focused on channel delivery and drive shelves can be added in the channel at point of sale and add-on software functionality can easily be license enabled as well.

In addition, the FAS2240 disk storage can be converted to disk shelves for higher end NAS heads such as the FAS3210 when the time comes to convert to higher end storage.  This provides an in-place data migration, where the aggregate data doesn’t actually move but ownership of the aggregate changes from the FAS2240 to the FAS3210 controller head.

The FAS2240-2 comes with 12 or 24 450 or 600GB SAS disks and the -4 comes with 12 or 24 1, 2, or 3TB SATA drives.  In addition to the internal disk drives, external drive shelves can be attached to increase capacity.  The maximum number of disk drives for both systems is currently 144.

Both systems can be ordered with a single or dual controller option.  Also, the base system comes with 4 or 8-GigE interfaces, for single and dual controller systems respectively, and optional I/O cards with up to 4-8GFC or 4-10GbE interfaces.

FAS2240 Software

The FAS2240 only supports Data ONTAP 8.1 or beyond and comes bundled with all Data ONTAP Essentials including: storage efficiency features (FlexVol®, data deduplication, data compression, and thin provisioning), availability features (Multi-path IO, SyncMirror, MultiStore®), data protection (RAID-DP, Snapshot, and Open Systems SnapVault®), performance (FlexShare ®) and management (System Manager, Ops Manager, Protection Manager, and Provisioning Manager), all at no additional charge. In addition, all storage protocols are bundled into the base price of the system, although if you want FC you have to purchase an optional IO card.

If customers want even more functionality they can purchase up to 7 options of software including

  • SnapRestore® – faster restore of snapshot copies,
  • SnapMirror® – Synchronous, semi-synchronous, and asynchronous data replication for flexible disaster recovery
  • SnapVault® – disk to disk backup software for copying data to secondary storage systems,
  • FlexClone® – instant virtual copies of databases or VMs,
  • SnapManager Suite® – application and virtual machine backup, recovery and cloning available for Oracle®, Exchange, SharePoint®, SQL® server, SAP®, Virtual Infrastructure and Hyper-V™
  • OnCommand Insight Balance for NetApp – advanced analytics for physical and virtual environments
  • Complete Bundle – includes all of the above, except Insight Balance for NetApp.

Announcement Significance

NetApp rolled out their “Smart Decisions” theme with this announcement.  Storage Smart Decisions start right with unified storage at under US $7,500K (FAS2040), keep it simple with powerful management tools, and grow- smart with an architecture that protects customer investment.  The FAS2240 will become their primary vehicle to take storage Smart Decisions out to the world.

I suppose it was time for NetApp to refresh some of their low-end storage. With the introduction of the FAS2240, NetApp will retire the FAS2020 and some FAS2040 legacy configurations.  Recall that previously, NetApp bundled more of their software solutions on the FAS2040 and the FAS2240 take this another step further.

Obviously, the FAS2240 is primarily destined for the channel. To that end, all that software bundling, ease of PoS storage capacity will make this an even more channel friendly product.

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