CommVault 2012Feb01Releases enhancements to Simpana 9

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CommVault has been quietly enhancing Simpana® 9 with a number of new features and rolling these out in service packs over the last year and a half. All the functionality described below is currently shipping in Simpana 9 Service Pack 4 but some of this has been released in earlier Service Packs.

CommVault Simpana 9 new features

OnePass data management

With the advent of very large file systems (PBs), the need to more efficiently provide data protection, archive and reporting has become more prominent. With the Simpana OnePass capability, CommVault now provides data deduplication, backup, archive and reporting services using a single file system scan, data collection and data transfer into its content repository. Thus, freeing up file system services for production activity.
Previously, backup, archive and reporting services would each require its own scan, and potentially its own collection/movement. Now with Simpana OnePass, the backup scan will identify, collect and |move all the data that has been modified into CommVault’s virtual data repository and once there, need never be moved again. From a single processing event, CommVault provides data protection, archive and all reporting services without having to scan or move the production data again.
Currently, Simpana OnePass is supported for CIFS and NFS on HP X9000 (Ibrix) and Dell HPC (Lustre) file systems but will be rolled out to other scale out file systems over time.

Edge Data Protection

As companies are deploying mobile workers, more data is starting to reside only at the edge, outside IT control. The need for better protection, discovery and control over these edge data assets is becoming a necessity. CommVault’s Edge Data Protection software provides data protection, discovery and cloud storage-like access for this edge data by bringing it back into IT management. In contrast to 3rd party cloud storage providers, with Simpana 9, edge data resides in corporate hands, under control at all times.
Simpana Edge Data Protection software provides source level deduplication, done at the laptop or desktop, and as such, efficiently moves only data that is unique to CommVault’s content repository. Once there, end users can utilize web and IOS (iPhone/iPad) based tools to access and/or recover their data without having to bother system administrators. In addition, once in the content repository, e-discovery over this data can be provided much more efficiently, effectively and economically because of Simpana software’s common platform.

Other features

SCI StorIntTM Dispatch CommVault120201-010 CommVault Simpana 9 enhancements
Other CommVault Simpana 9 enhancements include:

  • New Snapshot protection clients – CommVault’s storage hardware snapshot management services now supports Dell Compellent, Hitachi VSP, HP 3par, IBM SVC, and EMC VNX and VMAX. Further, CommVault published their Snapshot API as part of it’s Intellisnap program in order to make it easier for other storage vendors to be supported as well. With the new storage systems available under their hardware snapshot management solution, CommVault now supports 9 out of the top 10 storage systems in the market.
  • New SharePoint integration – CommVault previously provided SharePoint data archive services but they required exiting the SharePoint and using CommVault’s management console. With the new SharePoint integration, data archive can be completely accomplished within the SharePoint environment without users having to resort to CommVault’s management software.
  • New reference architectures for integrated virtualization – CommVault has defined a reference architecture for Dell’s vStart bundle and will be supplying one in the near future for NetApp as well to help fill the data protection gap that exists with scalable virtual infrastructure solutions.

Announcement significance

There were some other minor enhancements not covered here but these were the major changes from our perspective. CommVault continues to enhance Simpana 9. The new features provide easier and faster data protection for file systems, provide better edge data protection with “cloud-like” storage services for mobile users, and a number of other features that enable easier data protection and archive for data center customers.
The publishing of their Snapshot API should make it much easier for other vendors to have their hardware snapshot supported even sooner. It’s just too bad this wasn’t done under a standards organization umbrella, like SNIA, but it’s a start.
How Simpana OnePass capabilities will integrate with IBM’s SONAS Active Cloud Engine and/or EMC Isilon storage services is yet another question. But it will certainly be interesting to see how they roll out this feature to other scaleable file systems.

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