NetApp 05Nov2012 New FAS3220 and FAS3250 storage subsystems

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NetApp® recently announced new FAS3220 and FAS3250 mid-range storage systems to replace their previous generation FAS3210, FAS3240 and FAS3270 storage.

New mid-range offerings

The new systems will replace the FAS3210 and FAS3240.  But the FAS3270 will eventually be replaced  has been retired as  NetApp simplifies its FAS portfolio. there was a lot of overlap with the FAS6200 series storage.  Some information on the new systems include:

  • FAS3250 – doubled the number of compute cores available over the FAS3240 and now offers up to 40GB of DRAM memory.  The FAS3250 now also supports up to 720 drives which with 3TB drives can supply up to 2.1PB of raw storage.
  • FAS3220 – doubled the number of compute cores available over the FAS3210, up to triple the number of PCIe slots to 12, supports up to 24GB of DRAM cache and now offers up to 1TB of FlashCache.  The FAS3220 can also be configured with up to 480 drives and when used with 3TB drives supplies up to 1.4PB of raw storage, which doubles the total raw storage when compared to the FAS3210.

Both systems run Data ONTAP 8.1.2 software and with the Standard feature bundle option comes with a single SAN/NAS protocol, Snapshot™, FlexVol®, FlexShare®, deduplication, data compression, thin provisioning, and a number of other features. An optional Extended system feature bundle is available with more SAN/NAS protocols, SnapRestore®, SnapMirror®, SnapVault®, FlexClone® and the SnapManager® suite of application specific snapshot services.

One other significant difference from the FAS3210 is that the FAS3220 supports flash in either a Flash Cache or Flash Pool configuration.  NetApp Flash Pool together with FlashCache and NetApp’s Flash Accel solution supports flash in just about every component of the system IO stack.

In addition with Data ONTAP® 8.1.2, both the FAS3220 and FAS3250 can be configured in a clustered Data ONTAP environment .  As such, these systems can take part in an up to 24-node scale-out NAS cluster or 6-node scale out SAN cluster.

New FAS3220 & FAS3250 performance

SAN and NAS protocol performance has improved for both systems from the previous generation equipment. Specifically, for SAN performance:

  • FAS3220 delivers 55% more online transaction processing (OLTP) database I/O operations (IOPs) than the FAS3210, and
  • FAS3250 delivers 60% more OLTP database IOPs than the FAS3240.

For NAS performance:

  • FAS3220 delivers 80% more filesystem throughput I/O operations per second (T-IOPs) than the FAS3210, and
  • FAS3250 delivers 70% more filesystem T-IOPs than the FAS3240

We assume all these tests were with similar disk configurations but they may have had different FlashCache configurations.  Also the file system protocol in use for the testing wasn’t specified but was probably NFS. All systems were running Data ONTAP 8.1.2.

Announcement Significance

Mid-range storage is heating up. With HDS’s first half Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) announcements, IBM Storwize® V3500 coming out this month and these announcements from NetApp there seems to be a lot of upgrades going on.

IBM had previously OEMed the N3000 Express from NetApp, which was presumably the NetApp FAS3210. No update to N Series has been published on IBM’s website (as we go to press), but this could very well be in process.

Nonetheless, NetApp’s clustered Data ONTAP adds a whole new dimension to mid-range unified storage options. Although other scale-out NAS solutions exist today, not many play well in the mid-range.  However, whether mid-range customers can take advantage or even want clustered Data ONTAP, scale-out functionality is another matter, entirely.

For the moment, NetApp and HDS appear to be leading the pack in mid-range, unified storage.  But we have yet to hear from EMC – stay tuned.


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