HP 2012Dec03 Expands 3PAR storage line with new 7200 and 7400 systems

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At its Discover Conference earlier this month, HP introduced a pair of new 3PAR storage models to address mid-range customer requirements with denser, rack-mountable storage.

HP new StoreServ storage systems

Complementing the current 3PAR F200/F400 class storage and their high-end P10000 V400/V800 systems, HP added two new 3PAR storage products, the HP StoreServ 7200 and 7400 systems. Also the 3PAR product family has now been rebranded under the HP StoreServ name.

HP StoreServ 7200 and 7400 storage system hardware

HP has migrated their entire 3PAR functionality to the mid-market with the two new systems.  All StoreServ 7000 systems utilize the “3PAR ASIC”. As for other storage hardware, the

  • StoreServ 7200 offers a 2-node, dual-controller 3PAR configuration supporting up to 144 drives with 24GB of cache and up to 12 (8Gb/s FC or 10Gb/s iSCSI) host ports. The StoreServ 7200 comes in a 24-2.5” drive, dual-controller rack-mountable configuration.
  • StoreServ 7400 offers a 2- or 4-node, up to quad-controller 3PAR configuration supporting up to 480 drives with 64GB of cache and up to 24 (8Gb/s FC or 10Gb/s iSCSI) host ports.  The StoreServ 7400 comes in a 2U/24-2.5” drive, dual controller configuration or a 4U/48-2.5” drive, quad-controller rack-mountable configuration.

Either system can be expanded with 2.5” performance (300, 450, or 900GB) SAS drives, 3.5” nearline (2 or 3TB) SAS drives or 2.5” or 3.5”(100 or 200GB) SAS SSDs.  Drive expansion supports either 2U/24-2.5” or a 4U/24-3.5” drive enclosures.

An all-SSD version is also available for either system with much higher IOP performance. Both systems use quad-core, 1.8GHz Intel processors and the 10Gb/s iSCSI ports are FCoE compatible which will be added in a future release.

In addition, the StoreServ 7000 product family can be ordered with file system services utilizing the HP StoreEasy 3000 storage file server gateway.  The StoreEasy system comes out of HP’s converged storage portfolio and is based on Microsoft Windows Storage Server software with HP Proliant Gen 8 servers.  StoreEasy systems support both file compaction and deduplication to reduce storage consumption.

HP StoreServ 7000 software functionality

Both StoreServ 7000 systems execute 3PAR version 3.2.1 software and can be ordered with advanced 3PAR functionality thin provisioning, federated non-disruptive data mobility and multi-tenant capabilities.  The StoreServ 7000 series also offers HP’s “get thin guarantee” which guarantees disk capacity reduction by 50% and the “get virtual guarantee” which guarantees double the VM density per unit of physical storage.

In addition, the StoreServ 7000 supports special purpose, non-disruptive migration services for HP’s previous generation EVA storage systems.  This will allow current customers to easily and non-disruptively migrate EVA data to the new storage systems.

Also StoreServ 7000 software can be purchased in a number of software suite or bundles, e.g.,

  • HP 3PAR Operating System Suite, which includes the management services, 3PAR thin software offerings, full copy, autonomic rebalancing/ multi-pathing support plus a 180-day free EVA migration software license.
  • HP 3PAR Replication Suite, which includes 3PAR Virtual Copy with Remote Copy Software and Peer Persistence.
  • HP 3PAR Data Optimization Suite, which includes Dynamic and Adaptive optimization along with Peer Migration software solutions.

Other suites are available, i.e., Application suites for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, VMware, and Oracle, a Security suite with Virtual domains/locking software and a Reporting Suite.

Announcement Significance

HP has finally revamped their mid-range storage product line, moving to 3PAR and Lefthand oriented architectures. The EVA migration services should readily appeal to HP’s huge storage base and provide a much-needed upgrade path.

Also at their Discover Conference, HP announced new object storage called HP StoreAll that combines their Autonomy acquisition with a new capability out of HP Labs called StoreAll Express Query that embeds special purpose metadata database technology to more easily locate and analyze vast amounts of file data.  In addition, HP announced new low end, StoreOnce products the HP StoreOnce 2000 and 4000 Backup solutions. There were other announcements at Discover as well including new service offerings and a “capacity on demand” storage services solution.

This past year has seen a lot of activity in the mid-range, with HDS’s new HUS offerings, new IBM Storwize v3000 series, new NetApp 3200 series systems and now this.  Thiu mid-range seems to have become the new battleground for storage vendors. Not that they ever abandoned it but it seems to have renewed interest of late. I can only attribute this to the introduction of a major new player, i.e., Dell and their acquisition strategy to build market share in this storage.  All this can only make the mid-range to be more interesting.


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