EMC 2013Jan14 Releases Enhanced VMAX 10K

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EMC®Enterprise Storage Division recently introduced a new VMAX® 10K, the entry point of their VMAX storage product line with new hardware and increased functionality that significantly closes the functionality gap with their  VMAX 40K and 20K storage systems.

New VMAX 10K hardware

The new VMAX 10K adds more compute hardware and faster internal busses to supply better storage performance.  The new VMAX 10K engines use 2.8Ghz Intel microprocessor cores, with up to 6-cores per director/12-cores per engine.  Also, the new VMAX 10K comes with Gen 3 PCIe internal busses and the next generation RapidIO® fabric interconnect which add substantial backend throughput. The VMAX 10K can be ordered with from 2 to 4-engines and up to 512GB of cache.

In addition, the VMAX 10K now offers 2.5” form factor drives that come in a 25-drive/2U enclosure and can be intermixed with 3.5” drives for configuration flexibility.  The small form factor drives take 1/3rd the power/cooling and weigh 1/3rd as much as the large form factor drives.  The new VMAX 10K configuration now starts with as few as 24 drives and can scale up to 1560 SFF drives.  The VMAX 10K continues to offer a maximum of up to 1.5PB of usable storage capacity.

Finally, the new VMAX 10K hardware can now be installed in customer racks. That is the new VMAX 10K hardware (engines and drive enclosures) can be ordered in EMC supplied racks or as rack mountable hardware for installation in approved customer-supplied racks.

New VMAX 10K functionality

EMC now offers just about all the functionality (except mainframe and I Series attach) on the higher end 40K and 20K systems with their entry-level VMAX 10K.  New functionality includes:

  • Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE) – with D@RE and encryption enabled VMAX 10K engines, data security is provided using a storage system implemented AES-256 encryption algorithm with external RSA Key Manager or an embedded key manager.
  • Federated Tiered Storage (FTS) – with FTS, the new VMAX 10K supports external storage as well as internal storage and offers the use of external storage as any tier in FAST VP storage tiering.
  • 3- and 4-way SRDF®with 3- and 4-way SRDF topologies, the new VMAX 10K can fully participate with other VMAX storage systems to protect against disasters using within region and out-of-region replication services.
  • Host I/O Limits – with I/O Limits, VMAX can be configured on a storage pool or port group basis to limit the amount of IOP/s or MB/sec that can be used to better support multi-tenant environments.
  • Data compaction – with data compression for idle data, VMAX 10K can store double the data in the same storage capacity with minimal performance impact.
  • Unisphere for VMAX – with the latest version of Unisphere, VMAX 10K can now be fully managed from Unisphere or Symmetrix® Management Console.
  • T10 Protection Information standard – with support for Oracle’s Data Integrity Extension (DIX) and DIX compliant O/S software, HBAs, the new VMAX 10K offers host-to-storage and back data integrity validation.  

In addition to all the great new functionality, VMAX 10K offers much more Symmetrix core functionality that includes Virtual Pools, FAST VP, TimeFinder®, Federated Live Migration and base SRDF functionality.  The VMAX 10K also supplies full VMware vSphere 5.1 support, which includes vCenter plug-ins together with VAAI, VASA and SRM support for increased VMAX 10K interoperability.  Moreover, the VMAX 10K and EMC host software supports tight integration with Microsoft Windows 2012, Hyper-V and Microsoft SharePoint environments.

New VMAX 10K performance

Also, the new VMAX 10K increases IO performance substantially.  It now provides 100% more online transaction processing (OLTP) I/O operations per second than the previous generation. Also with all the new hardware, the new VMAX 10K now provides 30% more backend bandwidth for data intensive applications.  Given all this, Oracle on VMware with virtualized OLTP-like applications should execute up to 90% faster on the new VMAX 10K storage.


Enterprise storage is heating up, again. Early last year HDS introduced their HUS VM entry-level enterprise storage and late last year IBM introduced their new DS8870.  Also, in Las Vegas, last year EMC introduced an entirely new VMAX storage product line with the 40K, 20K and 10K.  With this most recent release of another new VMAX 10K, EMC has once again revised their entry-level enterprise system storage.

There seems to be a significant market for entry-level enterprise storage and the latest vendor actions seem to signal continued customer interest here. Indeed, EMC stated that the previous generation 10K system had the fastest ramp of any VMAX storage in history and was responsible for a significant number of new storage customers to EMC.   The new VMAX 10K should do even better.


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