CommVault 2013Feb25 Releases Simpana 10

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Today CommVault introduced Simpana® 10, their latest software suite.  Simpana 10 introduces new scale-out capabilities, new tighter integration with Microsoft Exchange, Hyper-V and more access to their single, secure information repository for all data under management, ContentStore, among other improvements.

Simpana 10 enhancements

Specifically, Simpana 10 offers improvements in:

Data protection improvements:

▪   IntelliSnap™ enhancements – previously called SnapProtect, introduces new functionality for Hyper-V, improved performance for VMware (via concurrent processing).  Also added management for Lotus Notes on Windows, DB2 on Windows, DB2 Database Partitioning Feature support on Linux/Unix, Oracle under Windows, SAP-Oracle under Windows and Oracle Log Truncation.  Moreover, previously one had to setup IntelliSnap schedules with days and backup schedules but now all one has to do is tell Simpana 10 how many days to keep.

▪   OnePass enhancements – Exchange is now supported with OnePass which means that the Exchange database need only be scanned once for archive and backup. This means that Exchange backup and archive activity now occurs 50% faster.  Also CommVault now supplies a plugin that allows Outlook users to see their archived content, archived emails can also be searched and emails can be granularly restored.

▪   Virtualization enhancements – VMware vCloud director integration now supports granular recovery in multi-tenant environments. Also, Simpana 10’s vCenter plugin allows for self-service restores by VM admins. Moreover, Simpana 10 supports better discovery and filtering of VM data store to help automate data protection provisioning for VMware environments. Also, backup/archive processing for multiple VMs under VMware and Hyper-V performance has improved by being able to process them in parallel.

▪   DR enhancements – replication performance for deduplicated data has been improved.  Also, VirtualizeMe is now extended to Hyper-V VMs and it automates the recovery and restart of backup copies of physical servers into a VM for easier DR testing.

Management improvements:

▪   Workflow automation enhancements –  customers can now move from hand copied runbooks to automated workflows that provide a job flow control for sequencing data protection and archive actions across sites, methods and users. This can be used to help scale and automate new user registration. Moreover, this new Simpana 10 workflow can integrate with other system orchestration services.

▪   Web based reporting enhancements – dashboards are much more customizable than previously available as is reporting in general.  As these are now available all over the Web they can be easily accessed from anywhere and in this regard CommVault has apps for IOS and Android to provide operational reporting and management as well. In addition, the new reporting can more easily be searched.

▪   Trending and analytics enhancements – Simpana 10 now supports historical reporting data sent to a private cloud or a hosted CommVault cloud. With this new historical information available one can now do long term trending analysis on backup and archive activities, CommVault can provide a health-check and provide a best practices analysis of your environment.

▪   Deduplication enhancements – previous generation Simpana dedupe stores were limited to 90TB, with Simpana 10 this has been increased to 120TB and now multiple dedupe stores can be clustered together so that they can spread the workload and provide for better resiliency. Initially limited to two nodes they plan to be able to support a 4 node grid with up to 480TB of depuplicated data.

Access improvements:

▪   CommVault Edge enhancements – Simpana 10 can now scale to manage thousands of laptops/desktops for backup.  Access to this backup data can now be through a web interface or mobile devices like IOS, Android and Microsoft Surface.

▪   Search enhancements – Simpana 10 offers a new search engine and experience which more closely mimics Google search results. Also the new search capability can scale across virtual search nodes to improve indexing and search response.  Search roles can be tailored and customized so that users can quickly gain access to their backup data for restoration.

In addition, CommVault has introduced a completely new, special purpose Healthcare Data Management solution for PACs, DICOM and non-DICOM data.  This functionality includes new search functionality specifically targeted to medical professional to rapidly search and retrieve PACs data

Announcement Significance

Simpana 10 comes out a little over two years after Simpana 9 but it delivers on a lot of new functionality. Aside from the significant advances in application support in the data protection arena, there is an obvious focus on more scale-out capabilities including scale-out deduplication, vCloud support and workflow automation.  But they also improved their search and Edge enhancements for end user access.   All this will set a new level of expectation in enterprise data protection services.


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