HDS 2013May21 Announces HCP anywhere and other enhancements

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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) recently announced a new enterprise class file synchronization solution based on Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) storage that replicates file data between mobile devices and enterprise storage. Equally important, the new solution provides IT control over that data wherever it resides. Hitachi also announced enhancements to its HCP solution and new cloud service offerings.

HCP Anywhere

With the emergence of bring your own device and the proliferation of third party file synchronization services, enterprise data has become much less secure. Hitachi’s HCP Anywhere is file synchronization and sharing software that operates on mobile device to bring IT management and control over this data

HCP Anywhere is a software package that operates as a secure, simple and smart file synchronization solution that includes the following:

  • Secures file data – on premises data is stored encrypted and mobile data can be remote wiped in case of loss of control over the mobile device.
  • Simplifies file access – in the mobile environment, IOS applications for iPhone and iPad as well as Mac OSX/Windows Explorer file services and any web browser can easily access HCP Anywhere file data.
  • Supplies an intelligent file repository – on the HCP, the data doesn’t need to be backed up anymore, the data is automatically compressed/single instanced, and it can be stored on multiple types of storage media.

The HCP Anywhere application sits in a “corporate DMZ” with access both outside the Internet firewall as well as to HCP storage. This allows content to be accessed and shared as links to a common copy instead of generating and replicating multiple copies of the same file.

HCP 6.0 Enhancements

HCP 6.0 offers a number of changes to enable an enhanced file services solution for Hitachi customers. Specifically,

  • HCP VMware Appliance – HCP can now run as a VMware virtual machine rather than using a standalone HCP hardware appliance. This new capability lower’s the entry cost of HCP solutions as well as provides more flexibility in deploying HCP.
  • HCP S3 interface support – HCP now offers a S3 interface that can be used to migrate current Amazon S3 cloud applications directly to HCP without having to modify any application software.
  • HCP expanded tiering services – HCP can now tier data to any storage that offers an NFS mount point, which could be any file based optical storage, new file based tape libraries, or traditional NAS storage. 

By expanding storage tiering, HCP offers more choice in storage media, essentially anything that presents an NFS mount can store data from HCP. The advanced metadata architecture provides multiple custom metadata containers for each object and enables schemas for metadata to that it can provide SQL-like queries of file meta-data. When you have billions of objects you can’t always afford full text searches, but often using meta-data searches alone can cover many data center file search requirements.

New Hitachi Cloud Solutions  & Cloud Partner Programs

Hitachi Data Systems announced a new hosted, purpose-built Cloud Storage offering called Hitachi Cloud Services that supports Internet access to customer data hosted on  Hitachi enterprise class storage and leveraging the company’s HCP object storage platform. . This offsite offering includes sophisticated cloud storage services as well as REST API support for enterprises to ingest corporate data and provide full Hitachi based data protection and storage archiving services. Originally this is being offered in US and is sold directly by HDS sales teams but it will be moved out to partners and resellers with other geographies being added over time.

HDS also announced a cloud partner framework that defines how it will work with Cloud Service Provider Partners, Cloud Resellers, and other partners to bring value-added solutions to end user organizations as well as resellers.  Included is the new Hitachi Cloud Service Provider Program, which enables partners to host, manage, and deliver cloud infrastructure & services using HDS’s cloud platforms and enabling technologies. HDS is talking with a number of partners that want to do this and this services solution can be made available around the world.  These partners will build and host their own cloud environments on HDS equipment.


Third party file synch and share services have become a security hazard and serious impediment to corporate data compliance and governance. With the introduction of enterprise file synch services like HCP Anywhere, IT is regaining control over this wild west of file data residing on mobile devices throughout their employee base.

IT has been eyeing the cloud to host many new and emerging applications that use web based services for mobile device applications. Amazon’s cloud services success is only one example but the trend is clear. The future for IT is clear, it will become a hybrid environment, with applications running in-house or in the cloud whichever makes the most sense. HDS’s entry into this space as both a service provider and a vendor of service solutions to other providers represents a different approach but one which can take advantage of Hitachi solutions while at the same time chart a path to capture some of the business moving to the cloud.



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