EMC 2013Jul10 Data Protection Products updates announcement summary

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EMC® recently updated their Data Domain® product line and enhanced their backup and recovery software portfolio

New Data Domain appliances

EMC introduced four new Data Domain storage systems the DD2500, DD4200, DD4500 and DD7200. The DD160, DD620 and DD990 were left unchanged. Some of the system specifications include:

  • DD2500 supports data throughput of up to 5.3 TB/hr or 13.4 TB/hour with DDBoost and up to 133 TB of usable capacity or 6.6 PB of logical (deduped) capacity;
  • DD4200 supports data throughput of up to 10.2 TB/hr or 22.0 TB/hr with DDboost and up to 189TB useable capacity or 9.4PB of logical capacity;
  • DD4500 supports data throughput of up to 10.2 TB/hr or 22.0TB/hr with DDboost and up to 285 TB useable capacity or 14.2 PB of logical capacity; and
  • DD7200 supports data throughput of up to 11.9 TB/hr or 26.0 TB/hr with DDboost and up to 428 TB useable capacity or 21.4 PB of logical capacity.

Logical capacities can be expanded for the above systems with the Data Domain Extended Retention software option, which enables active and retention storage tiers for cost-effective long-term backup retention with fault isolation inside a single Data Domain appliance. DD Extended Retention adds internal tiering in a Data Domain appliance by tiering backup data to the retention tier using automated policy management. Four out of the seven Data Domain appliances now support DD Extended Retention.  With DD Extended Retention the logical capacities of the DD4200, DD4500 and DD7200 expand to 569 TB, 1.1 PB or 1.7 PB, respectively.

In addition, the DD4200 and above appliances can all be upgraded in place from some prior generation Data Domain systems.

Backup and recovery software enhancements

EMC released NetWorker 8.1 that includes support for the following:

  • Data Domain Boost virtual synthetics, which reduces the number of full backups that need to be done by synthesizing virtual full backups from one or more incremental backups and a full backup;
  • DD Boost over Fibre Channel, which offers 50% faster backup, as well as 2.5x faster recovery vs. VTL;
  • New snapshot management support for VMAX, VNX and RecoverPoint replaces the NetWorker PowerSnap Module with a new, tightly integrated wizard based configuration, management and discovery for EMC storage snapshots to be used as part of an overall data protection strategy;
  • New VMware support which includes Avamar technology leveraged in NetWorker 8.1, as well as a new vSphere Web Client plug-in enabling VMware administrators to perform image level backup and recovery, a new web interface enabling self service file level recovery for VM system administrators, and automatic backup policy inheritance for all new virtual machines added to the virtual environment.

Avamar 7 now supports the following:

  • File system data and NDMP workloads can be sent to Data Domain systems for backup and recovery. Now all data center workloads can be protected with Avamar plus Data Domain.
  • All the new VMware support that is added to NetWorker is also available in Avamar as well as the ability to boot a VM image stored on a Data Domain system, and while the VM is running it can be storage vMotioned back to the production environment.
  • NDMP backup through the Avamar NDMP Accelerator has been expanded to include Isilon scale-out NAS systems.

EMC Mozy, cloud based backup service now integrates with Microsoft Active Directory reducing the need for separate domains and security groups. Additionally, Mozy now supports storage pooling across multiple clients to simplify storage management.


EMC  continues to roll out major Data Domain appliance updates about every year and a half or so and are now filling out the midrange portion of their portfolio. It seems to me that recent product introductions by HP, Sepaton, and others are heating up the data deduplication space, which is a good thing for any enterprise customer. Unclear why EMC felt the need for two midrange Data Domain Appliances (DD4200 and DD4500) but the main differences seem to be physical/logical capacity and throughput. However, there’s probably a price difference as well.

Additionally, the integration between various EMC backup and recovery solutions including Data Domain, NetWorker and Avamar seems to be getting tighter over time. This has been hinted at for some time now, and makes the product family operate better together and may help reduce development efforts as well. It must be nice to have leading edge backup software and standalone backup appliances all within the same company.


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