Sepaton 2013Oct15 Introduces VirtuoSO, a scale-out, hybrid deduplication appliance

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Sepaton recently introduced VirtuoSO, a new hybrid deduplication backup appliance with scale-out storage.

Sepaton success

Sepaton has had a leading role in enterprise class deduplication appliances for some time now. This is no doubt due to their longstanding tradition of eschewing hash/index-based deduplication in favor of delta differencing deduplication. This has given them an advantage in faster ingest rates, especially with difficult to deduplicate, multi-stream database backups. However, this has left them somewhat disadvantaged against lower-end deduplication systems, dominated by hash-based appliances sold by other vendors. That is up until now.

Sepaton VirtuoSO

VirtuoSO is a scale-out NAS storage backup system, which supports both hash/index-based and delta differencing deduplication. Sepaton has designed a scale-out, hybrid deduplication VirtuoSO because it offers a number of benefits to data center backup/restore activity:

  • OptiScale file support for easier scale-out data growth – both NFS and CIFS/SMB are supported in a scale-out fashion, which means that the system can grow non-disruptively in both capacity and performance to match cluster/scale-out primary data growth. Furthermore, scaling the VirtuoSO system does not require rebalancing of the data. As such, the system scales without requiring any data migration. VirtuoSO is a distributed, cache coherent, backup storage system that supports from 1 to 4 nodes.
  • Smart Hybrid Deduplication processing for optimum deduplication – both delta differencing and hash/index-based deduplication capabilities are offered in the same appliance. Customers can use policy management or automated system detection to select which is used for any data stream. In this way, the system can optimize for ingest performance or for deduplication performance. Delta differencing ingests quicker but takes longer to deduplicate data, whereas hash/index-based deduplication ingests slower but takes less time to dedupe data.
  • Smart Data Movers for more predictable data movement – with pure hash based deduplication schemes data movement (such as mirroring to replicate the data to external sites) can sometimes take vastly different times, depending on data change rates. With VirtuoSO both source and target systems collaborate to determine the “fastest way” to transfer data. It could be hashed, delta-differenced, or just data compressed, whichever moves the data faster. 

As VirtuoSO supports NFS, VMware users can snap direct to VirtuoSO without having to use other storage systems. Moreover, VirtuoSO VMware snapshots can also be VM bootable devices.

In addition, VirtuoSO fully supports multi-stream backups, which is preferred feature of Sepaton VTL systems for database backups.

Sepaton VirtuoSO hardware

The base VirtuoSO appliance with one node supports a minimum of 36TB raw and with 4 nodes and expansion shelves this can go up to 3.3PB raw storage. The VirtuoSO appliance also comes equipped with hardware data compression, 6-10GbE ports and 4-1GbE ports for front-end access and uses 3TB drives.

VirtuoSO ingest rates are 7.9TB/hour for a single node and with 4 nodes, supports up to 31.6TB/hour. VirtuoSO’s architecture supports up to 16 nodes which should provide an ingest rate of over 126TB/hour, in a fully configured system.


VirtuoSO and Sepaton’s current VTL product will co-exist for the foreseeable future. However, plans are to support FC in an upcoming VirtuoSO release, which should end of life for the VTL appliances.  VirtuoSO will also support OST and other source level deduplication capabilities in future releases.

It’s a pretty gutsy move for Sepaton. Scale-out deduplication appliances have not existed until now. Further, hybrid deduplication gives VirtuoSO the ability to compete with any deduplication solution on the market today and provide a vehicle to go down market lacking in their current VTL solution. Thus, with scale-out storage and hybrid deduplication Sepaton can address the complete deduplication market place from the highest multi-PB with multi-TB/hour ingest rates down to the smallest remote office environment.

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