SCI 2014Jan30 Microsoft ESRP (Exchange 2010 & Exchange 2013) performance results

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This Storage Intelligence (StorInt™) dispatch covers Microsoft Exchange 2010 (E2010) and Exchange 2013 (E2013)Solution Review Program (ESRP) results.[1] Since we last reviewed this 1,000 mailbox and under category, there have been no new submissions. Instead of providing copies of charts we have already reported on, we have decided to publish our Email ChampionsChart™ for SMB storage systems.

Latest SMB Email ChampionsChart™

In Figure 1 we show our latest ChampionsChart for Email services for SMB storage.

SCI SMP ChampionsChart Figure 1 SCI’s SMB Email Champions™ Chart for 1Q2014

We publish three Email ChampionCharts it our SAN Storage Buying Guide, one for Enterprise, one for Mid-range and this one for SMB customers. As our readers will recall, all of SCI’s Email ChampionsCharts are segmented into four sections, described as follows:

  • Championsthe top right section identifies the storage subsystems that had the best relative database transfers per second and the best relative database access latencies. From our perspective these systems have the best performance for this category.
  • Sprinters – the bottom right section identifies the systems that had poor relative database transfers per second but very good database access latencies. For customers that need fast IO for their Email applications these systems should suffice.
  • Marathoners – the upper left section identifies storage systems that had good relative database transfers per second but poor database access latencies. For customers that need relatively high database IOPS but are not concerned with the speed with which those IOPS complete, these systems should be ok.
  • Slowpokes – the bottom left section shows those systems with poor relative database transfers per second and poor database access latencies. Not sure which customers would benefit from these systems, if any.

Some caveats apply:

  • The data used to create our Email ChampionsCharts come from our analysis of ESRP reports. So although we feel this workload is representative of a wide variety of database intensive applications, it’s really mostly pertinent to Email and Exchange email most of all.
  • There aren’t that many SMB system results on the current ESRP website. So this SMB Email performance criteria aren’t nearly as statistically sound as the Mid-range and Enterprise class versions of these charts.
  • We intend to update all of our ChampionCharts once per quarter and this one is regularly published only in our SAN Storage Buying Guide. We occasionally publish some ChampionsCharts in our performance reports when it makes the most sense.

In Figure 1 we can see two HP systems and one Infortrend system in the Champions section. The HP MSA 2040 configuration was FC connected storage and was benchmarked on Jetstress for E2013. The HP Prolient DL380 storage was SAS connected and was benchmarked on Jetstress for E2010. The Infortrend DS-S12F was FC connected and was benchmarked on Jetstress for E2010.

Historically, in this SMB category SAS connected storage has performed well. Yet, it’s clear from Figure 1 that even at the low end, FC storage can be beneficial as well.

We continue to combine E2013 and E2010 ESRP data together in our ChampionsCharts as there doesn’t seem to be that much of an IO architectural change to warrant segregating the two. Also, there are just not as many E2013 ESRP reports yet, but that’s changing over time.


We are seeing a few new E2013 submissions in the 5000 mailboxes and over as well as 1001 to 4999 mailbox categories and look for more to appear over the next quarter. So if this continues we will return to our normal ESRP performance analysis next quarter. In the mean time if you wish to see prior ESRP analysis please visit the “Dispatches” page on our website.

For a more complete ranking of current top block storage system performance using our ChampionCharts for Email, OLTP and Throughput results, please see our recently updated (May 2019) SAN Storage Buying Guidor for more detailed ESRP performance results please see our recently updated (May 2019) SAN-NAS Storage Buying Guide, both of which are available for purchase on our website.


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[1] ESRP results from, as of 29Jan2014

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