Cleversafe 18Mar2014 announces new hardware & releases new software

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Cleversafe recently announced support for HP® ProLiant server hardware and released a new revision of their dsNet® ClevOS software.

New HP hardware for SliceStor, Accesser and Manager

Now you can have Cleversafe dsNet object storage based on HP server and storage hardware. The new hardware includes:

  • New SliceStor® nodes using HP ProLiant SL4540 Gen8 server and storage hardware. This 4.3U storage and compute module supports up to 60-4TB 3.5” disk drives, with hot swappable disks, redundant SAS and power along with a new compute module using dual, Intel® Xeon E5-2440 2.4GHz 6 core CPUs with 96GB of DRAM.
  • New Accesser nodes using HP ProLiant DL360p servers with dual, Intel Xeon E5-2650 2.0GHz 8 core CPUs with 128GB of DRAM.
  • New Manager nodes using HP ProLiant DL360p with a single Intel Xeon E5-2650 8 core CPU with 64GB of DRAM.

The new hardware should speed up dsNet object storage and provide a much denser storage packaging than previously available, almost a PB of SliceStor storage in ~17U of rack space.

New dsNet ClevOS 3.2 software

Cleversafe’s new ClevOS 3.2 software has a number of new features:

  • Support for OpenStack Swift – Cleversafe now adds a subset of OpenStack Swift API object storage support to its proprietary dsNet, Amazon S3, and HDFS API support. This way customers moving to OpenStack can also use Cleversafe for backend object storage. With the dsNet’s erasure coding multi-site/multi-system data protection, Cleversafe’s Swift object storage should result in a more economical solution than other Swift, 3-way replicated object storage.
  • Enhanced support for Amazon S3 – Cleversafe’s S3 API now supports S3’s multi-part upload for objects >5GB in length and bucket level Access Control Lists.
  • Support for Amazon S3 proxy service – ClevOS 3.2 allows customers migrating from S3 to Cleversafe to have a single request for an object. If it’s not found in dsNet then Cleversafe can directly request the object from Amazon S3.
  • Enhanced REST API for management – ClevOS 3.2 supports additional REST API primitives to configure and monitor dsNet elements via REST API requests in addition to using the Cleversafe’s Management GUI.
  • Network separation – ClevOS 3.2 now supports up to three separate IP networks for data, client and management requests rather than having all this traffic intermixed on a single network for better security and reduced congestion.
  • Enhanced SNMP monitoring – ClevOS 3.2 now supports SNMP v2c polling for system status and statistics.
  • Support for LDAP – ClevOS 3.2 now supports LDAP for user authentication under Active Directory simplifying Active Directory environment setup.


No doubt the new HP hardware will appeal to many all HP shops. But with its new ultra-dense storage packaging and Gen8 compute performance, there is plenty of appeal for non-HP shops as well.

The new Swift support is also a step in the right direction. One hold up to wider object storage adoption has been the lack of a standard protocol, but with S3 as a de facto industry standard and OpenStack Swift as an open sourced alternative to S3, Cleversafe now makes it as easy as possible to use object storage.

Furthermore, during 2013 Cleversafe received an additional $55M in Series D funding, added a new CEO, and more than doubled their customer base. Over the past year they are starting to see increased interest from Financial Services and Bio Informatics/Life Sciences customers. It seems that object storage in general and Cleversafe in particular are starting to heat up.

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