EMC 30Sep2014 new VNX-VSS with focus on video surveillance

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EMC® recently announced a new effort to go after the video surveillance market, with a new, purpose built VNX®-VSS edge storage device and new video analytics and Security Integrator partnerships.

Video surveillance market

According to recent research, the video surveillance market is growing significantly (~15% CAGR) from ~$15B in 2014 to $25B by 2018. The market is made up of camera equipment, recorders, encoders, monitors, solution software, and video storage. According to their research the enterprise and IP video segment is one of the largest growth areas of the video surveillance market and the expectation is that its video storage requirements will grow by 4 to 5% CAGR during this period. Driving much of the growth in video storage are increased camera resolution, the shift from analog to digital, government mandated longer retention and the need for more surveillance.

There appears to be a significant market segment in government, municipality, and transportation video surveillance. These have a high number of camera feeds, with vast video storage requirements. They also typically use an edge-to-core architecture where the edge camera feeds are stored temporarily and then moved to a core service area. The core has larger storage requirements and keeps video files longer that allows for deeper video analytics, to gain insight from the surveillance.

One historic problem with the video surveillance market is that most of its video storage sales are through system integrators, security distributors, and IT distributors. There are very little direct storage sales to the end-customer.

VNX-VSS100 storage at the edge

EMC has created a special purpose version of their VNX storage system tailored to supply storage services for edge requirements in government, municipal and transportation video surveillance sectors. EMC analyzed 300 to 400 storage transactions they have done in this market and came up with what they believe were ideal requirements for edge storage.

The new VNX-VSS100 comes in two configurations a standard pre-configured RAID5 or RAID6, 24TB solution which is not expandable or a preconfigured RAID5 or RAID6 120TB solution which can be expanded up to 300TB of video storage.
The VNX-VSS is a block only, iSCSI and FC storage solution, under Unisphere® control that ships with 4TB NL SAS disk drives. The VNX-VSS is a simple to use, low-cost option and therefore does not include additional options like FAST, SSDs or file services. However, the VNX-VSS offers remote management, QoS, and all the VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V integration enjoyed by today’s VNX storage systems. The VNX-VSS systems are optimized for a highly distributed/virtualized, remote office environment, with little to no administrative support onsite.

Edge storage systems are sized for front-end throughput and the VNX-VSS100 can support up to 250MB/sec or 500MB/sec per storage controller based on the 24TB or 300TB solution. EMC said the VNX-VSS100 will be priced aggressively on a $/GB basis.

Isilon storage at the core

There were no new EMC Isilon enhancements but as Isilon originally was designed to address the video surveillance market there is not much to add here. The Isilon solution can already scale to multi-PB storage environments and provides high file performance.

Long term EMC believes they can help improve the edge to core data movement, improve video viewing and potentially go after some of the deep video analytics. Video analytics is an area where EMC or potentially one of its federation of companies can possibly come up with better solutions.

Focus on partnerships

EMC will invest in their current global business partners and recruit specialty S/I and security distributors to help sell to the video surveillance market. EMC already has a video surveillance validation lab/solution center of excellence in Durham NC but will also add another in Bangalore as well. They are also investing in technical notes, reference architectures, sizing guidelines as well as adding more subject matter experts.


The video surveillance market is undergoing rapid revenue growth with video storage being a major portion of this growth. EMC has already enjoyed success with Isilon storage in this market so adding a purpose-built VNX should help them extend that success in video surveillance.

However, success in this market will depend on partnerships just as much as products. EMC has already made rapid strides in working with partners over the past couple of years and video surveillance should be just an extension of what they do today only with different partners. If they can successfully attract and recruit the right partners and focus storage product development on the right requirements they have the potential for great success here

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