IBM 06Oct2014 4Q 2014 Storage Announcements

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IBM recently released enhanced versions of the DS8870, Flash System V840, Elastic Storage appliance and a new tape drive, the TS1150.

DS8870 enhancements

The DS8870 now offers up to two synchronous or MetroMirror Peer to Peer remote copies from a single volume. In this way three copies of a data volume will be maintained in synch. One can also setup a GlobalMirror from any of the synchronous copies so that the DS8870 could sustain a five site, DR solution with three sites in synchronous copy with one another and the other two asynchronous copies sites off of the synchronous copies of the original source volume.

With the new DS8870 customers can now create up to 12 copies of a single source volume. The DS8870 comes with the latest, 7th Generation Easy Tier with new System z API’s that allow z applications to communicate workload intent and other performance requirements to optimize data placement.

The DS8870 now supports up to 4 additional high performance flash enclosures in an expansion frame, which are up to 4X faster than SSD storage alone and adds support for1.6TB 2.5” and 600GB 15K RPM disk drives. IBM has measured up to 940K IOPS in a Data Base Open (DBO) environment.

New FlashSystem and Storwize Storage Announcements

The IBM FlashSystem V840 can achieve over 1.2M IOPS with data reduction enabled, leveraging new enhancements to its Real-time Compression (RTC) capabilities. FlashSystem V840 is also now certified with IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center (VSC). With this certification, clients can take advantage of the rich features and capabilities of all flash IBM FlashSystem V840 combined with other components of the IBM storage software portfolio, including IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center (TPC), IBM Tivoli Storage Flash Copy Manager, SmartCloud self-service portal, and chargeback services. VSC and FlashSystem V840 together provide enterprise Tier 1 flash performance with cloud-like storage provisioning and management agility. IBM also announced that it now covers flash wear out for the duration of a client’s warranty and maintenance for any of its current FlashSystem products.

Storwize V7000 and V7000 Unified now offer block level encryption and IBM has announced a statement of direction to include block encryption for SVC external storage and file data encryption for the Storwize V7000 Unified. Storwize V7000, V7000 Unified, and SVC now all support 16Gbps FC and Storwize system disk storage can now include 6TB NL-SAS and 1.8TB SAS drives. In addition the new Storwize and SVC V7.4 software supports up to double the compressed IOPS and improves round trip latency for Remote Mirror configurations.

New Elastic Storage Announcements

Elastic Storage is now available in an integrated appliance with IBM Power servers and direct attached disk storage. The Power 8 servers directly connect to disk storage using and support up to 385 direct connected SAS drives, NL-SAS as well as SSD storage.

New TS1150 tape drive

IBM has introduced a new tape drive that supports a new type D tape media (JD/JZ) with up to 10TB, native (uncompressed) capacity per cartridge. The new tape drive operates at a 360MB/sec native data transfer rates and can burst up to 800MB/sec. The TS1150 is only available for open systems.

The type D tape media is the latest BaFe particulate technology from FUJIFILM and has a new thinner base allowing for more tape media per cartridge. The TS1150 also supports read/write on older 3592 type C media, including the JC/JY, JL media and JK media.

The new tape drive is compatible with TS4500 and TS3500 tape libraries and the TS1150 incorporated within 15 connected TS3500 libraries supports up to 2.3EB of storage. SpectraLogic also announced support for the new TS1150 tape drive in their T380, T950 and T-Finity tape libraries.

Enhanced TS7720 Virtualization Engine

The enhanced TS7720 had previously only supported disk storage attach but now, with an optional tape support enhancement, the TS7720 can also attach to IBM tape libraries. Recall that the TS7700 and TS7720 are z/System virtual tape library solutions that support disk caching of tape data.


From what I have been hearing there seems to be a slight renaissance in tape these days in enterprise and service provider environments. The new 10TB tape cartridge capacity should help even more customers to see the light. The FlashSystem V840 and 840 also seem to be hitting on all cylinders.

Elastic Storage is getting a lot of press lately. IBM apparently won a 120PB design win based on Elastic Storage. The new appliance packaging for Elastic Storage should help even more customers look at this solution.

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