X-IO 27Jan 2015 announces new ISE G3 storage family

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X-IO recently announced a new generation of their ISE storage architecture and a new lineup of storage systems to go along with it.

New ISE G3

The new ISE storage system brings a lot more processing power and more DRAM to the ISE product family which allows them to add new functionality to address some customer requests. The previous generation ISE storage came in 3 product lines: the Archive ISE 100 family (110); ISE 200 family (210, 220, 230, & 240); and Hybrid ISE 700 family (710, 720, 730, 740). All of these systems only supported FC.

The new ISE G3 now supports an iSCSI version of each of these FC systems. As such, there’s an NNNi verson of all the above storage systems. The iSCSI ISE G3 supports 4-40GbE or 10GbE ports. The new ISE FC systems support up to 8-8Gbps FC ports.

In addition, there’s a new higher-end hybrid storage system, the Hybrid ISE G3 780/780i, with 4X more flash then the Hybrid ISE 740/740i. The Hybrid ISE G3 780/780i has the same disk capacity (28.8TB before RAID capacity) as the ISE 740/740i but now has 6.4TB of flash. All Hybrid ISE G3 storage systems uses eMLC flash for SSD storage.

X-IO indicates that the new storage systems have 65% better performance than prior generation ISE storage. The ISE G3 spec sheet states that the Hybrid ISE 700 series can achieve up to 120K IOPS for OLTP IO activity with 2GB/sec of data bandwidth.

They have also made some software enhancements. Some of the new software features include:

  • QoS: Cloud service provider customers require some way to minimize the noisy neighbor affect. The new QoS feature provides this capability.
  • Thin provisioning: Another popular request was to add thin provisioning to volumes to minimize the space consumed for non-written data.
  • Media affinity: With more flash (as in the ISE 780/780i), customers can now bind data to disk-only, flash-only or continue to use the system in hybrid mode which moves hot data to flash and cold data to disk.

Furthermore, ISE G3 storage systems will all come with full support for VAAI, VASA and VCOPs as well as a new OpenStack CINDER driver.


X-IO indicated that they will be support more frequent feature/function releases coming out from now on, in order to become more responsive to the market. The ISE G3 is a good first step.

X-IO has always owned the ultra-reliable storage market, which is probably why they have so many cloud service provider customers. But if they can start to address some of their other functional deficits they could become a much better player in the wider storage marketplace as well.

X-IO backs all their storage with a standard, 5-year warranty. Recently, an early X-IO storage customer’s ISE storage was retired after 6 years. During that whole 6 years of constant use, the ISE storage had not had one service call. I would say that’s proof positive of a ISE storage reliability that readily matches their claim of ultra-reliable storage.

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