HP 31Mar2015 refreshes StoreVirtual 4335, StoreOnce 2900 & StoreEasy storage systems

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HP upgraded some of their StoreVirtual, StoreOnce and StoreEasy systems this past month.

New StoreEasy 1450, 1650 and 1850 NAS systems

Recall that the StoreEasy is file and block storage systems with a sub-$15K price, can range from 4TB up to 2.9PB (with 5-50TB typical) of storage capacity and supports SMB3/CIFS, NFS and iSCSI storage. HP has had a lot of success, at the low-end, bundling Windows Storage Server software with their server hardware and management software/UI. With this update, the bulk of the StoreEasy line has been upgraded to the latest, HP Gen9 ProLiant server hardware, providing more storage capacity at lower cost with better bandwidth.

The StoreEasy 1450 is a single server, 6-core, 1.6Ghz Intel Xeon® processor, 1U-box with 4-LFF 6TB disk drives, for up to 24TB of internal storage. The StoreEasy 1650 is a single server, 6-core, 1.9Ghz Intel Xeon processor, 2U-box with 2-SFF 120GB SSDs and 8-LFF 4TB disk drives, for up to 72TB of internal storage. The StoreEasy 1850 is a single server, 6-core, 1.9Ghz Intel Xeon processor, 2U-box with 2-SFF 120GB SSDs and 24-1.8TB SFF disk drives, for up to ~43TB of internal storage.

Windows Storage Server supports Spaces (clusters of shared storage), deduplication, snapshots, replication, SSD caching, and a host of SMB3 storage optimizations. So for a low-end (sub $15K) NAS solution, StoreEasy storage provides high-end NAS functionality, especially for Windows environments.

New StoreOnce 2900 appliance

HP’s new StoreOnce 2900 appliance provides 24TB (15.5TB useable) and can scale up to 40TB (31.5TB useable) of physical storage capacity. This unit comes with 6-LFF SAS disk drive slots and supports a bandwidth of up to ~5.8TB/hr (using StoreOnce Catalyst).

StoreOnce appliances support iSCSI/FC VTL or NAS (NFS & SMB/CIFS) protocols as well as StoreOnce Catalyst. StoreOnce Catalyst is an HP developed protocol that interfaces with many ISV backup and other 3rd party applications that optimizes deduplication processes across the StoreOnce appliance and backup servers.

In addition, at last December’s Discover Conference HP announced StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (RMC) SnapShot and ExpressProtect. StoreOnce RMC ExpressProtect can take application consistent snapshots and copy them off of HP 3PAR StoreServ systems directly onto a StoreOnce appliance, beating even StoreOnce Catalyst performance.

The StoreOnce 2900 fits between their lower-end StoreOnce 2700 and higher-end StoreOnce 4000 series appliances. The StoreOnce 2900 is targeted for mid-range customers or large remote office environments that need onsite backup storage.

New StoreVirtual 4335 hybrid storage

The new StoreVirtual 4335 appliance is an iSCSI hybrid (disk-flash) storage system offering a 2-node solution, with 6-400GB SFF SSDs and 14-900GB SFF disk drives (15TB) or a single node solution with half the drives (7.5TB) that provides sub-lun automated storage-tiering with Adaptive Optimization (AO). As with all StoreVirtual systems, the 4335 can be clustered with other StoreVirtual 4335 systems to provide up to 480TB of storage. The StoreVirtual 4335 is designed for midmarket performance with an emphasis toward ease of use. By optimizing for performance, the StoreVirtual 4335 provides 12x the IOPS of the popular StoreVirtual 4350 all HDD based platform.

StoreVirtual AO uses a 256KB, LeftHand OS data page as its unit of data movement for storage tiering moving hot (high performance) data pages to SSD and cold pages to disk. StoreVirtual supports other advanced storage features such as thin provisioning, application consistent snapshots, remote replication (asynch), and HA configurations.


HP’s been busy updating their storage line with new hardware and software functionality. The new hybrid StoreVirtual appliance is a nice addition and the new StoreEasy systems bolster their already successful Windows Storage Server NAS offerings with upgraded hardware.

As for the StoreOnce 2900, there’s been a general filling out of HP’s backup product family now for about 3 years. The 2900 is yet another, good upgrade to help HP compete with EMC Data Domain and other backup storage solutions on the market.

HP’s doing better, of late, in their storage market share and this round of refreshes is maintaining the momentum. More new additions will no doubt come out later this year at HP’s two Discover conferences.

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