SCI’s Storage Performance Council (SPC) performance report as of February 2018

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This Storage Intelligence (StorInt™) dispatch covers Storage Performance Council (SPC) results[1]. There have been three new SPC-1 v3 submissions, the FusionStack FusionStor SF6000, Huawei OceanStor Dorado5000 and the Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2. There have been no new SPC-2 submissions. Many of our SPC-1 top ten charts have changes.

SPC-1 results

We begin our discussion with top ten SPC-1 measured LRT shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1Top 10 SPC-1 LRT

In Figure 1, we can see the new FusionStack FusionStor SF6000 came in at the new #5 with a 0.15 msec LRT and the Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650 S2 tied for 7thplace with a previous version of the subsystem (Fujitsu ETERNUS AF650) with 0.18 msec LRT. Recall that LRT is the average response time at 10% load. And the difference between #1 and #7 on this chart is 0.05msec (or 50 msec).

The FusionStor SF6000 is the first system to submit a SPC-1 benchmark using InfiniBand and had a unique 3 node configuration with each node having 6 (1.6TB and 2.0TB, 18 total) SSDs. Each node had only one controller (as far as I can tell) with 64GB of DRAM. The InfiniBand connections used both 100GbE and 56GbE and supported iSCSI. FusionStack is a Beijing based system vendor making their first storage systems.

The ETERNUS AF650 S2 was a more standard dual controller, 256GB DRAM/controller (512GB total) configuration with 64 400GB SSDs and used 16Gbps FC host interconnects.

In Figure 2 we examine SPC-1 Price-performance™ or $/IOPS as both reported by SPC and calculated by SCI.

Figure 2SPC-2 Top 10 SPC-1 $/IOPS

In Figure 2, the new FusionStack FusionStor SF6000 came in as the new #4 at $0.12/IOP. SPC-1 reports the FusionStack SPC-1 Price-Performance™ at CNY 0.80/SPC-1 IOPS. We converted this to USD using CNY 6.55 per USD $1 (which was the average rate on submission).

Figure 3 shows an SCI calculated SPC-1 IOPS™/SSD metric.

Figure 3SPC-2 Top 10 SPC-1 IOPS/SSD

In Figure 3, the new FusionStor SF6000 came in as #2 with 44.5K IOPS/SSD. The FusionStor had 18 (8-2.0TB and 10-1.6TB) SSDs for its 801K IOPS. It’s interesting to note that #1 (DataCore Parallel Server) used 480GB 6Gbps SATA MLC SSDs and #2 used 1.6TB and 2.0TB NVMe MLC SSDs.


It’s pretty impressive to see a brand-new storage vendor achieve top 10 LRT right out of the chute. We believe that FusionStack has been around in China for a long time and is just now coming out with storage systems for the rest of the world.

It’s unfortunate that the Huawei OceanStor Dorado5000 didn’t achieve any top ten status in our charts. But we believe the Dorado5000 is more of a mid-range solution.

As always, suggestions on how to improve any of our performance analyses are welcomed. Additionally, if you are interested in more block storage performance information, checkout our recently updated (February 2018), SAN Storage Buying Guide available for purchase from our website.[2] In SCI’s SAN Storage Buying Guide we now provide top 30 results for some of our SPC performance charts and new, SCI derived, OLTP, Throughput and Email ChampionsCharts™ for enterprise, all-flash, mid-range and SMB class SAN storage.

[Also we offer more block storage performance information plus our OLTP, Email and Throughput ChampionsCharts™ in our recently updated (May 2019) SAN Storage Buying Guide, or for more information on protocol performance results please see our recently updated (May 2019) SAN-NAS Storage Buying Guide, both of which are available for purchase on our website.]

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 [1]All SPC results available from of 22Feb2018


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