Infinidat announces new storage, replication & backup appliances + cloud storage

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Infinidat recently announced a new version of their storage system, a new replication solution, a new deduplication storage system and a new public cloud storage option.

New InfiniBox F6212

All Infinidat storage relies on many unique capabilities to enhance performance, reliability and copy functionality of their systems. Three of these include:

  • Neural Cache– Infinidat is hybrid (SSD-disk) storage using DRAM caching for data access, SSD to hold hot data and NLSAS disks to hold cold data. Traditionally, hybrid storage has usually provided good performance with disk economics. With Infinidat’s Neural Cache, they use AI/ML to determine data placement in real time rather than periodically and over longer time periods. Doing this all the time in real time, insures that customer data is written and read from DRAM cache 99.97% of the time and only later destaged from memory to SSD or disk for writes or early prefetch from SSD or disk for reads.
  • InfiniRAID and RAS– Infinidat uses a distributed RAID that insures many drives (disk and SSD) are involved in any rebuild. Their unique 3 controller storage and HA software helps to supply up to 7-9’s (99.99999%) data availability.
  • InfiniSNAP – Infinidat supports an infinite number of snapshot copies of customer LUN data. InfiniSnap uses a pointer based, non-locking copy mechanism that can provide snapshots without performance impact.

The InfiniBox F6212 offers 50% more capacity in the same form factor and environmentals as InfiniBox F6000 storage systems. The F6212 provides 8.3PB of storage, up to 3TB of DRAM useing 200TB of SSDs & 480 12TB NLSAS disks.

InfiniSync, survivable storage solution for RPO=0

Infinidat storage already offers both sync and async replication. However, with the new InfiniSync appliance, Infinidat is eliminating the need for three-site sync & async replication to solve the RPO=0 problem for replication over long distances.

The new InfiniSync solution is designed to survive just about any disaster that could befall a data center. It operates in the primary data center and provides local sync replication storage for data-in-flight or data that has yet to be replicated to an asynch replicated InfiniBox. This way, when disaster strikes, InfiniSync provides a survivable repository of data-in-flight that can be used with the asynch data at a remote site, to bring that storage up to date with the latest information written to the primary storage.

It’s essentially a small “Black Box”, designed to survive flood, fire, building collapse and other disasters that would destroy any other data storage. But in conjunction with an InfiniBox asynch replication environment, it can bring the other storage up to date with the latest information. Yes, it may need to be dug out of the rubble, may need to be fished out of the flood, or recovered in a disaster zone, but once connected to cellular, land, or other networking, it can get data-in-flight copied to the asynch replication storage. It’s meant to be survivable data storage that holds all data-in-flight to provide RPO=0 storage without need for sync replication hardware, networking, floor space, etc.

InfiniGuard appliance

Although most backup appliances can back up data quickly, they seldom restore as quickly. InfiniGuard is for customers who want dedupe economics without restore pain. InfiniGuard has been introduced to the market to address poor Recovery Time Objective (RTO) results or metrics.

InfiniGuard is essentially 1PB of Infinidat storage with 3 dedupe engines in front of it, delivered as an integrated package. The dedupe engines support variable block, application enhanced, data deduplication while the Infinidat storage supplies Neural Cache smarts to provide all the data for a restore, just as soon as it’s requested.

Deployed in existing data protection ecosystems, InfiniGuard enables customers to meet or exceed RTO’s and take comfort in the knowledge their data is not only accessible in a timely manner, but also under the custodial care of a 7-9’s storage system.

InfiniGuard supports most databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, SAP and IBM DB2), most backup software solutions (Veritas [OST], Commvault, IBM Spectrum Protect, Veeam) and NAS for just about any other environment required for backup.

Neutrix Cloud storage as a service

For Neutrix Cloud storage, Infinidat has partnered with CoLo vendors to provide direct public cloud access (AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) to InfiniBox storage. In Neutrix cloud storage, there are InfiniBox systems located at CoLo facilities accessible to public cloud regions that provide iSCSI and NFS storage for public cloud compute. Unlike Infinidat’s box business models, Neutrix Cloud is a multitenant service charged like a utility, aligned to the way customers buy public cloud environments. Customers don’t have to manage hardware, as the service is completely managed by INFINIDAT.

Customers can purchase Infinidat asynchronous replication and data services in cloud CoLo facilities and move workloads and data from onsite to the cloud without incurring any additional costs for multiple copies of data – just one copy in the datacenter and one copy accessible from any cloud.


A new generation of storage is always good. InfiniSync appliances are a solution to an ongoing problem (the cost of a local secondary site) but the RTO may vary depending on the extent of the disaster. InfiniGuard is interesting but dedupe solutions don’t seem to be as hot of a customer topic now that all the backup vendors do incrementals forever, although Infinidat claims their solutions are more scalable than other backup solutions.

We have seen Neutrix-like services before. The problem is data gravity and the cost to move data in and out of the public cloud vendor. By having data stay within the Infinidat environment, data movement is as simple and cheap as provisioning asynch replication.

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