IBM adds DS8882F & enhances Spectrum Scale, Protect Plus and Cloud Object Store

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IBM® recently announced a new addition to their DS8880 Data Systems, and enhancements to IBM Cloud Object Storage, Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Protect Plus solutions.

New IBM DS8882F Data System

IBM DS8882F Data System is an all new DS8880 AFA made for the SMB customer in mind that also has tight integration with IBM Z® systems. The DS8882F supports one high performance flash enclosure (HPFE) Gen-2 with up to 48 high performance or high capacity flash drives. The new storage comes with up to 16 Fibre Channel or FICON (8 or 16gpbs) host connections and fits in a standard 19” rack or inside the IBM z14 Model ZR1 or LinuxONE™ Rockhopper II processor frames.

The new DS8882F storage supports all the same distributed system functionality of the other DS8880 systems, including enterprise class FlashCopy®, thin provisioning, transparent cloud tiering, data at rest encryption  and synchronous/asynchronous replication among other features. The DS8882F Data System also includes nearly all the IBM z system integrations available in other DS8880 Data Systems, including FBA & ECKD, HyperSwap®, zHyperWrite, zHPF, PAV-HyperPAV-SuperPAV, and GDPS® controlled Global and Metro Mirror replication.

IBM Cloud Object Storage qualification suite

IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) always offered support for many different hardware configurations. However, qualifying new hardware always took months of testing before official support could begin. IBM COS has released a new x86-COS qualification suite that customers could run on their own and have their results verified by IBM. Once the testing is completed and validated by IBM, new hardware will be added to the IBM COS support matrix. The whole process could be done in weeks rather than months.

This new qualification process was recently done for a 1U Quantum server. With the new server, a 72TB 3 COS site  can be done with only 3 1U servers and IBM software.

IBM Spectrum Scale on AWS

IBM Spectrum Scale™, the premier file system for HPC environments, is now available on AWS. So now, you can take your IBM Spectrum Scale license and deploy Spectrum Scale on AWS hardware. This way customers can enjoy all the parallelism, high performance and enterprise class functionality of Spectrum Scale, running on AWS.

IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0.2 is also coming out with enhanced file audit logging, a watch folder and new SEC 17a-4f certifications. Moreover, 5.0.2 adds a simplified GUI driven setup for advanced features and automated network resilience/recovery.

New IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Spectrum Protect™ Plus 10.1.2 is being released with support encrypted vSnap repositories, VMware vSphere® 6.7 and IBM Db2® backup. Spectrum Protect Plus now offers IBM Db2 backup as well as  the already supported MS SQL® and Oracle® Databases. IBM has also made the Spectrum Protect Plus dashboard more intuitive.


We are pretty impressed with the new DS8882F AFA storage solution. It comes with nearly all the same advanced enterprise class mainframe and distributed systems functionality but designed for SMB customers. That one can have advanced storage functionality like synch and asynch replication as well as mainframe attached storage in an SMB storage system is quite unique in the industry.

IBM COS may create a problem with all the new X86 hardware that could be supported from their new qualification suite. Their purpose seems to be to make it as easy as possible for any customer to get their new hardware supported under COS. The advantage from IBM’s perspective is that new hardware should be supported sooner, the downside is that any new hardware will need to be re-qualified with every new release of IBM COS software.

Spectrum Scale on AWS is wonderful, With HPC and all other customers looking to the cloud to run some workload, having Scale operating in AWS, makes cloud bursting a whole lot easier. But how frequently HPC customers run in the AWS cloud is anyone’s guess.

Finally, Spectrum Protect Plus new release keeps them up with the latest goings on in VMware where it’s probably has its biggest market opportunity. However, they seem to be also trying to expand their market with Db2 support.

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