Hitachi NEXT 2019 announcements

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At its NEXT conference this month, Hitachi Vantara made a number of significant announcements, including the VSP 5000, a new enterprise class storage system, new Hitachi Ops Center software, new Lumada Data Services and a new HCP for Cloud Scale offering. 

Hitachi VSP 5000

Hitachi fully rearchitected their Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) arrays for the post NVMe world. Their new cluster interconnect uses a PCIe internode fabric for direct memory access from all controllers to all memory. They moved to use more FPGAs to maximize CPU utilization and add more fabric redundancy. The new system will add NVMe SCM and NVMe-oF, as the technology and market mature. 

In addition, Hitachi added a new Total (storage) Efficiency Guarantee (7:1) to its Flash Assurance Program and will extend its venerable (100%) Data Availability guarantee to the new VSP 5000 arrays. The VSP 5000 series supports both hybrid (disk and flash storage) as well as all flash array and comes in two models:

  • VSP 5100/5100H, a dual controller system, which offers up to 23PB (30TB SSD) capacity, using 96 NVMe SSDs, 192 FMD (flash modules) or 768 SFF SAS SSDs and up to 384LFF disk drives (in 5100H), with up to 32 16/32 Gbps FC, 32 16Gbps FICON and 16 10Gbps iSCSI host interfaces plus 1TB of cache supplying up to 4.2M IOPS.
  • VSP 5500/5500H, a four controller system, which offers up to 69PB (30TB SSD) capacity, using 288 NVMe SSDs, 576 FMDs, or 2304 SFF SAS SSDs and up to 1152 LFF disk drives (in 5500H), with up to192 16/32Gbps FC, 192 16Gbps FICON, and 96 10Gpbs iSCSI host interfaces plus 6TB of cache supplying up to 21M IOPS. 

Hitachi Ops Center

Hitachi has revamped their operations software portfolio to provide a single unified experience to managing Hitachi storage systems. The new Hitachi Ops Center brings together a number of Hitachi previous management offerings under one umbrella and can be used to provide full stack automation, orchestration and better integration within IT ecosystems. There are 4 main components:

  • Analyzer – which collects and analyzes telemetry data from all your Hitachi storage systems and connected VMs, servers, SAN switches to supply better fault isolation, root cause analysis and predictive analysis which includes an AI / ML (machine learning) engine for resource balancing and forecasting.
  • Automator – which supplies an automation engine for daily operator automation tasks and actions to help orchestrate infrastructure operations and integrates with Analyzer for problem remediation and adds workflow plugins for ServiceNow.
  • Data Protection – which includes a drag and drop interface for application-aware storage data protection, instant protection, restore and recovery with copy data management and DR copy/failover management for Hitachi storage.
  • Administrator – which simplifies device and storage infrastructure management, providing storage platform optimization and configuration recommendations. 

In addition, Hitachi Ops Center offers Analyzer viewpoint that can provide a global view across multiple enterprise data centers with an operations dashboard that shows system health, performance, capacity and other events, for a central point of control with direct access to distributed Hitachi Ops Center software. 

Other Hitachi NEXT announcements

Just prior to the show Hitachi announced that Hitachi Consulting will merge with Hitachi Vantara in January 2020. They intend for the new organization to offer a one stop shop for customers needing IT solutions and services, at the core, in the cloud or at the edge. Hitachi Consulting already offered a worldwide professional services organization that provided IT outcome solutions to customers. Hitachi Vantara already offered a broad portfolio of technology products, services and cloud services that customers depend on to implement IT. Together they can do more for customers.

Hitachi is now broadening its Lumada portfolio beyond just IOT with its newly announced Lumada Data Services, which include: Lumada Data Flow, Lumada Data Optimizer and Lumada Data Lake. The new services are intended to provide data science workflow automation, provide tiered and space efficient Hadoop data storage and a self-governing, optimizing data warehouse. 

The company also released HCP for Cloud Scale, a re-implementation of HCP, using containers that can run anywhere and scale to support cloud storage applications, as well as Hitachi Cloud Services and an enhanced Hitachi Enterprise Cloud, which are now fully integrated with the REAN Cloud solutions and capabilities it acquired last year. 


It’s obvious that Hitachi is doubling down on enterprise storage, IT services and enterprise cloud. We witnessed a new bounce in the Hitachi team when they were talking about a rebound in vendor IT spending rather than public cloud spending, at least at the high end.

It’s always good to see, new high-end storage. Hitachi has been a leader in high availability storage for forever and they continue to set the bar. Their new architecture is NVMe SCM and NVMe-oF ready the new Hitachi Ops Center is a great and long-awaited revamp of their storage and system management software. 

The combination of Hitachi Vantara and Hitachi Consulting also will help customers in a world where data center boundaries don’t mean anything anymore. A vendor that can support both professional services for IT implementation anywhere and supplies products to run those IT services will make a lot of sense in the long term.

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