NetApp Insight 2019 Announcements

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At their Insight 2019 conference this month, NetApp® introduced Keystone, a new approach to purchasing NetApp products, solutions and services, new SAN only storage systems, a new all flash object storage appliance and some new cloud solutions. 

NetApp Keystone

NetApp announced a new way to purchase and consume their product and services. The intention is to make buying NetApp products as easy to do as cloud services. Essentially, with Keystone Cloud Consumption, customers can now purchase NetApp storage by answering 3 questions with drop down answers:

  1. What Performance level do you want (extreme, performance, standard)) 
  2. What Data Services and add-ones do you need (block, file, object, compute + block, compliance, data protection)
  3. What management do you want (fully managed, capacity-on-demand)

This applies to in the cloud services, on-prem managed, on prem (customer or partner)as-a-service. Keystone Cloud Foundation makes this all available also as a Capex acquisition, managed by customer or partner and available on prem. Keystone is available with an efficiency, performance and data availability guarantees

New NetApp storage enterprise systems and software

An AFF (All Flash FAS) A400 was announced at the show which supports both NVMe and SAS SSD storage with better scaling of storage and IO than current systems. As AFF supports end-to-end NVM, that is NVMe-oF and NVMe SSDs response time of all NVMe systems should be very good. 

NetApp announced their first SAN only storage the ASA (All SAN AFF) A700 and A220 storage systems and soon A400 These systems only offer SAN storage and run ONTAP but it only only provides SAN storage configurations. The new ASA systems support active-active, instant failover, continuous data availability for mission critical applications that require very high availability. The specifications for the systems are the same as normal AFF A700 and A220 storage. This is the first  time that NetApp has offered SAN only ONTAP storage. 

They also announced a new higher performing, high end FAS8700 and mid-range FAS8300 hybrid storage systems were announced at the show. The new systems support greater capacity and IO scaling (more IOPS more bandwidth).

NetApp also announced a new entry level, C190 AFF storage system. The C190 is a 2U, 24 2.5” SFF SAS SSD storage solution and is only available in a HA, dual controller configuration and contains dual Intel Broadwell 8-core (16 total core) processors. 

A new release of ONTAP was also announced, 9.7, which supports the ASA storage system instant failover and simplified LUN configuration as well as expanded use cases for scale-out NAS, simplified management for ONTAP storage clusters, and reduced deployment cost for BC for FAS and AFF storage. Also there was a lot of discussion of Active IQ providing a single view into the health of your data fabric which includes a web, mobile app and API access for any NetApp systems on maintenance. 

New NetApp StorageGRID appliances 

NetApp announced a new all flash storage grid (object storage) appliance, the SGF6024 for heavy IO intensive data analytics and AI deep learning work. This is the first all flash object storage appliance but given that NetApps object storage business has grown 100% y/y over the last three years, it’s probably not their last. 

StorageGRID software now also supports cloud tiering to Azure Blob storage. This means that present, StorageGRID supports cloud tiering to AWS S3 and Glacier as well as Microsoft Azure for long term storage. StorageGRID also supports cloud backup for Cloud Volume Services as well as many SaaS applications as SalesForce App Exchange and tech previews for Ofc365 using Azure GovCloud and OneNote.

NetApp cloud services 

NetApp announced Cloud Insights, a cloud-based topology and visualization tool for NetApp Cloud Volumes, AFFstoracge  and HCI systems in your environment. It provides a quick inventory of your NetApp products and services with a dependency map. 

Cloud Volume Services on premises was also announced. This is Cloud Volume Storage purchased from the cloud management console,but placed in on-premises, in your data center. NetApp with ship, install, manage and maintain their storage equipment in your data center. On premises Cloud Volume Services comes with a monthly capacity license and is a fully managed storage as a service offering.


NetApp cloud offerings and their data fabric architecture seem to be doing great, positioning  them well in both the near term and the future. They said they are getting 10 new customers a day with their cloud solutions, and much of that data is coming from other, non-NetApp systems. NetApp said they have 100s of PB of cloud storage at the moment and 1000s of customers.

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