Hitachi Vantara All NVMe VSP E990 Storage & EverFlex

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Hitachi Vantara recently announced a new, all NVMe, VSP E990 midrange storage system, new EverFlex consumption models and continued enhancements to Ops Center management platform.

Hitachi VSP E990 hardware

Hitachi’s first all NVMe storage system, the VSP E990 storage was introduced specifically for the midrange market. It boasts much of the storage functionality of its larger VSP 5000 but in an all NVMe storage solution.

The new VSP E990 is a dual controller, 56 core processor system in 2U, which supports all NVMe SSD expansion shelves. The VSP E990 offers from 1.9TB to 15TB NVMe SSDs and up to 1TB of DRAM cache with 16Gbps or 32Gbps FC and 10Gbps iSCSI.

The new NVMe drive expansion shelves support 24 NVMe SSDs in 2U or for a fully configured system, 96 NVMe SSDs in 8U after controller. In a fully configured, VSP E990 with 15TB SSDs, the system supports a maximum raw capacity of 1.4PB of raw capacity.

The new VSP E990 supplies up to 5.8M IOPS and an IO response time that’s been clocked at around 64 microseconds. The VSP E990 provides predictable high IO performance for those customers running next generation applications, such as AI, data analytics and scientific computing that need it. Although, these workloads may have started life in high end enterprises and HPC, they are beginning to move down market and finding an equally receptive home in medium enterprises as well.

Hitachi mentioned that the VSP E990, as it’s all NVMe, is ready for storage class memory when it becomes more mainstream in price. And support for NVMeoF will also be available.

Hitachi VSP E990 software

The new VSP E990 supports:
• VSP Adaptive Data reduction which offers up to a 7:1 total efficiency guarantee as well as, a sight unseen, 4:1 effective capacity guarantee. VSP Adaptive Data Reduction uses AI to select the best time to perform data reduction for any IO that will minimize performance impact and maximize data reduction.
• VSP 100% Data Availability Guarantee which ensures that VSP storage systems support always on, data availability. Out of the box, the VSP E990 inherently supports 6-9s resiliency or 99.9999% up time.
• VSP Storage Virtualization which provides a single management point for external and internal storage as well as providing non-disruptive data migration between external and internal storage.

As the VSP E990 storage is a midrange system, it doesn’t support mainframe attach. There are many other features of the VSP E990 storage system, including multiple BC/DR options, data snapshots and extensive VMware support. We would encourage you to check out the VSP E990 online data sheet and your sales representatives for more information.

EverFlex from Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara introduced enhanced consumption models for all storage, system, solution and services. The new consumption models include purchase, leasing and two ways to pay-as-you-go for infrastructure. The new pay-as-you-go financing includes 1) pay strictly on a capacity per month basis or 2 ) pay on a contracted SLA per month basis. For storage, this means that Hitachi will install, run and maintain storage systems sufficient to meet your capacity or SLA requirements for as long as the contract is in force.

The new EverFlex consumption model applies across Hitachi Vantara’s vast product, solutions and services portfolio. This means that Hitachi world class services and software can now be paid for on a pay as you go basis.

Hitachi Ops Center enhancements

Ops Center was announced at last year’s HitachiNext conference and since then, Hitachi has been adding new capabilities and more AI to the offering suite. We will probably see more functionality be offered in Ops Center for the foreseeable future. The intent is to make infrastructure operations be easy to provision, use and manage as possible.


The IOPs performance and response times available from their all new, VSP E990 storage system is remarkable. Previously, this level of performance was only available in very high-end enterprise systems or from bare bones, all NVMe flash systems with little to no data services functionality. That Hitachi Vantara was able to do this in a mid-range, dual controller, HA system with enterprise class functionality is very unusual.

New consumption models are proliferating throughout the IT industry. But few major vendors have taken this model to quite the same level as Hitachi Vantara. To offer services, solutions as well as products in a pay-as-you-go model is unusual in the industry today .

We also see AI use growing rapidly throughout the IT industry. That Hitachi Vantara have added AI to the data path of a very high performing storage system is rare indeed.

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