SPC(-1) performance report as of May 2020

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This Storage Intelligence (StorInt™) dispatch covers Storage Performance Council (SPC) results . Since our last report, one quarter ago, there have been 2 new SPC-1 v3 submissions, the Huawei OceanStor™ 5310 V5 and the Inspur AS5600G2 AFAs. There are some new SPC-2 submissions but this report will again focus on SPC-1 results.

SPC-1 results

We begin our discussion with top 10 SPC-1 IOPS™ performance in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Top 10 SPC-1 IOPS

The new Inspur Inspur AS5600G2 came in at our new #2 with 7.5M IOPS. The Huawei OceanStor 5310 V5 didn’t make our top ten with only 1.6M IOPS.

The Inspur had 400 1.9 TB SAS connected SSDs, across an 8-node storage cluster, using 16Gbps FC, and an aggregate of 4TB of cache/system memory.

Neither of the new systems made the cut for top 10 LRT, with the Huawei OceanStor 5310 having an LRT of ~0.19 msec and the Inspur system with ~0.16 msec.

However, the Inspur system did also manage to come in very well in our IOPS/($/GB) chart.In Figure 2 we present SCI’s economic performance metric the top 10 IOPS/($/GB).

Figure 2 SCI derived Top 10 SCI SPC-1 IOPS/($/GB)

The Inspur system is our new #1 in IOPS/($/GB) with over 710K IOPS/($/GB). We prefer our economic performance measure to SPC-1’s $/IOPS. In comparison, the Inspur has a SPC-1 price performance of ~$387/KIOPS.

In Figure 3 we present one of our flash effectiveness metrics the top 10 IOPS/SSD.

Figure 3 SCI derived SPC-1 IOPS/SSD

As we can see in Figure 3, the new Huawei OceanStor 5310 V5 came in as our new #4 with over 33K IOPS/SSD. The OceanStor 5310 V5 was an 8 node/dual controller per node cluster system that had 48 1.9TB SAS SSDs and achieved 1.6M IOPS in SPC-1. The new OceanStor system had an aggregate of 1TB of system memory/cache and used FC host connections.


It’s great to see new SPC-1 submissions especially when they rank in some of our top ten charts. 7M IOPS seems like an awful lot of performance but it’s still just #2 in our top 10. Yet the Inspur did place as #1 in our economic performance metric [IOPS/($/GB)]. The Huawei was a smaller system but it still managed a decent ranking in our SSD IOP efficiency metric

As always, suggestions on how to improve any of our performance analyses are welcomed.

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