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Rubrik announced updates to their Andes on prem and in cloud data protection solution that included better performance, more public cloud support and other enhancements as well as Polaris SaaS improvements.

Andes 5.3

The latest Rubrik Andes software has sped up backup and restores for a number of environments, including:

Oracle data base backups have been sped up by up to 2X and now sustain backup of Oracle databases at ~1 GB/sec.
NetApp file scanning performance has doubled (done prior to backup), now scanning up to 35M files in under 15 minutes.
NAS restore performance has increased by up to 3X.

Andes 5.3 also offers increased validation/recovery testing of Oracle database backups and enhanced SQL Server data protection, now backing up 100s of SQL Server databases per host, with up to 10K databases on a single, 4-node, Rubrik cluster.

Furthermore, Andes now supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP) VM and file sets auto discovery as well as backup/restores. Rubrik has added Andes support for auto-discovery of SAP HANA databases running in GCP.

For hybrid cloud customers, Andes now offers full backup/restore services support for VMware VM protection running on AWS, Azure, GCP as well as VMware Cloud on AWS. Moreover, Andes now also protects Oracle databases running on AWS and Azure.

Finally, Rubrik has added smart tiering to archive cold backup data to cold storage, using savings vs. restore costs to determine when best to archive.

Polaris SaaS enhancements

Polaris Cloud Solutions, Rubrik’s SaaS data protection offering, has now added unified protection of AWS RDS databases across multiple accounts and regions as well as restores of RDS data into a different AWS region than its backup region.

Rubrik also mentioned that the next release of Polaris Sonar, their SaaS data governance solution, will include more analytics to increase visibility of locations of high-risk and sensitive data. Sonar has also been enhanced to identify data that hasn’t been touched in a long time


Rubrik seems to be on a roll, continuing to enhance functionality to make customer data protection in your on prem, in public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud environment faster to perform, easier to protect and more pervasive across the IT landscape.

Improvements to their on prem and in cloud, Andes software will speed up customer backups and restores as well as ensure that Oracle database restores function properly. Their Polaris SaaS enhancements add more location awareness and data access frequency as well as increased support for major public cloud databases.

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