Commvault Metallic new SaaS & hybrid cloud offerings

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Commvault recently announced enhancements to their Metallic, cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) offering. Metallic, Commvault’s SaaS Plus BaaS offering has been available for little over a year now and these moves will broaden their marketplace.

Metallic new Salesforce backup and recovery plus enhanced Teams functionality

Metallic now supports backing up and recovering Salesforce Sales, Service, and Financial Cloud SaaS data.

Metallic has also added more granular and in place restore of Microsoft Teams collaborations and conversations. All current and new Metallic Office 365 customers will receive the new Teams recovery capabilities. Metallic’s Office 365 support also supplies data protection services for Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Groups data storage. Backup storage For Office 365 is available in Azure, across 9 global regions.

Metallic Oracle and Active Directory functionality

Metallic now offers data protection for Oracle database as well as Active Directory, both of which are now part of Metallic Database BaaS offering. The new Oracle and AD data protection join SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL as database protection under Metallic. Backup storage for database protection is available on prem with secondary copies to the cloud.

Metallic on prem secondary storage supports HyperScale X

Metallic has already offered the capability to store data center data to on prem storage, with secondary copies to AWS or Azure storage, now they just introduced Commvault’s own HyperScale X secondary storage appliance as another option.

With Hyper X, Metallic customers get a software-defined, scalable, secondary storage appliance that is based on their Hedvig Distributed File System to store backups on prem or at the edge. The Hyper X appliance comes in a number of different configurations from the high-end HyperScale X 4300, the mid-range 2300 and the remote office 1200 systems. Both the 4300 and 2300 offer scale out secondary storage and the 1U 1200 appliance, is custom designed for small/remote office environments.


Commvault also announced that Metallic is now available in 23 countries, including nine new in EMEA (Austria, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland).

The new Hyper X offering is an interesting addition to their Metallic BaaS for a scalable secondary storage solution on prem and for a standalone secondary storage appliance at the edge. The edge solution is great for the many ROBO environments as it combines the ease of BaaS operations with the ease of secondary storage appliances.

Adding SaaS data, new databases and enhanced granularity for restores is all part of doing business in the data protection business these days. Seeing all this rolled out in a BaaS offering in a short period of time is testament to the new release cadence coming from Metallic.

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