A performance reporter’s lament

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As my newsletter subscribers will know, we try to publish a performance report to go with each issue. Yes, we have missed a few but for the most part, over 197 monthly issues, we have managed to include a performance report. But not this month.

We planned on reporting recent STAC-M3 (Security Technologies Analysis Center, ticker tape processing) performance results. Access to most STAC-M3 benchmark submission reports is provided to anyone with a STAC website login (free with an email).

Some STAC-M3 reports require one to “request access” to see them. We sent 8 access requests to STAC for reports only available to premium members. We did this in order to ensure that we have valid comparisons across all benchmark data.

A day later, we received a reply from STAC asking why we needed the reports and what we planned to do with them. They also asked us if we were working on behalf of a premium member or wanted to become a premium member.

We replied to decline premium membership and explained that we planned to report on STAC-M3 results. We attached a copy of our last (2019) STAC-M3 performance report for their review.

We were sent to another STAC employee who replied by quoting the T&Cs of STAC’s website that defined valid use for their data. It seems any performance reporting would be in general illegal, but could be authorized if deemed worthy, with prior approval.

Well given the time frame (~13hrs) for when our report was scheduled to go out, STAC’s spokesperson said there was insufficient time to review our request and denied it.

All this took multiple emails which spanned much of the day. During all this, we labored away with the benchmark reports we could access to prepare our STAC-M3 performance report, which now sits in a dust bin.

We summarized all this in the newsletter to explain the lack of a performance report this month.

We asked our newsletter readers if any of them knew anyone at STAC to please try to persuade them that having prohibitions on generic data use was counterproductive.

Our performance reports have a number of objectives including:

  • Publicizing the performance benchmarking organization,
  • Publicizing vendor system performance as compared to other systems running that benchmark,
  • Publicizing our own expertise.

Only the latter of these ultimately benefits SCI.

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