Ray Lucchesi speaks at a number of major storage conferences and some of these presentations are available below for free download.

Pump Up Array Performance V6.5 (3.6 MB, pdf)
An updated version of Array Performance presentation that provides an introduction into the art and science of storage array performance tuning and was presented at the Interop Spring 2008.
Storage Futures Talk given at TECHunplgugged Austin (2.4 MB, pdf)
We discuss some of our forecasts for storage technologies that will emerge or not emerge in enterprise class storage systems during 2016.
Successful Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing (11.4 MB, pdf)
Successful Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing presentation given at Storage Decisions Conference Spring 2007 provides an introduction on how to do Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) planning, testing and maintaining DR readiness.
Virtual DR: Disaster Recovery Planning for VMware Virtualized Environments (3.2 MB, pdf)
VMware DR considerations presentation given at the October '08 DataCenter Decisions Conference in Chicago.