Technology center with fiber optic equipment

Technology center with fiber optic equipment

Ray Lucchesi has worked in the storage and technology industry for over 30 years and with SCI for the last 12 years providing analyst and consulting services to the data storage and corporate community.

For IT organizations and product companies, we provide  data center and IT services to organizations looking to improve their information technology offerings as well as storage and systems industry analyst services to vendors and channel partners to help develop or market new products.

Outside IT, we provide strategic planning servicesand system/new product development services to technology companies looking to improve their competitiveness or development processes.

Also for anyone looking to learn more about shared and networked storage, we provide our NAS, SAN Storage  and SAN-NAS Buying Guides which describes file and block storage as well as performance ranking storage subsystems.  For all buying guides we review latest performance results from industry standard file and block storage performance results.

In addition, we blog on IT and storage topics at, tweet at @RayLucchesi, offer a monthly email newsletter with StorInt(tm) Dispatches on major storage announcements and new performance benchmarks, speak often at storage industry conferences, and write for data center and storage industry publications.

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