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SCI latest SPECsfs2008&SPECsfs2014 performance report as of September 2015

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  This Storage Intelligence (StorInt™) dispatch covers the new SPECsfs2014 and SPECsfs2008 benchmarks[1]. SPECsfs2008 is in “retirement status” and as a result, SPEC is no longer accepting any new submissions …

SCI 2013Mar26 Latest SPECsfs2008 NFS performance analysis

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We return now to our analysis of the latest SPECsfs® 2008* benchmark results. Unfortunately there has been only one new NFS and no new CIFS/SMB submissions since our December report.  …

SCI 2012Aug30 SPC-1 & SPC-2 performance results analysis

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We return now to the preeminent block storage benchmark, the Storage Performance Council SPC results*.  There have been five new SPC-1submissions, the Fujitsu DX440 S2, Huawei Oceanspace Dorado5100, Kaminario K2-D …