GreyBeards on Storage is a IT industry podcast hosted by Ray Lucchesi and co-hosted by one of a band of (older) IT people, that have been around the industry a long, long time and have a good, in-depth understanding of today’s storage, server, and data center trends and developments.

Ray Lucchesi ( @RayLucchesi) is the host of GreyBeardsOnStorage and is President/Founder of Silverton Consulting, and a prominent blogger at RayOnStorage.com. Signup for SCI’s free, monthly e-newsletter here.


Howard Marks (@DeepStorage) is our co-host emeritus, who has retired from full time GreyBeards duties and is now working for VAST Data. Howard plans to continue as a co-host, but will not be on as often.

Matt Leib (@MBLeib), one of our co-hosts, has been blogging in the storage space for over 10 years, with work experience both on the engineering and presales/product marketing.. His blog is at Virtually Tied to My Desktop and he’s on LinkedIN.

Greg Shulz (@StorageIO) is a long time analyst and has been dealing with servers and storage for over 32 years now. Greg is founder of StorageIO and UltimateIO, blogs at StorageIOBlog, has written for many industry publications, is an author of many books on industry technology, his latest is Data Infrastructure Management, and you can find his other books on Amazon

Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) is a IT thought leader who has written articles for many industry publications, interviewed many industry heavyweights, worked with Silicon Valley startups, and engineered cloud infrastructure for large government organizations. Keith is the co-founder of The CTO Advisor, blogs at Virtualized Geek, and can be found on LinkedIN.

Questions for GreyBeards On Storage podcasts can be sent to: Ray [at] SilvertonConsulting.com