Silverton Consulting, Inc. (SCI) was founded in 2004, by Ray Lucchesi and provides services to systems/storage vendors as well as IT organizations/end users.

SCI Vendor Marketing services

SCI provides marketing services to systems and storage vendors, which include:

  • White papers can help raise awareness of features, performance, or economics of systems as well as supply lab validations, discuss product use cases, or highlight customer success stories. Whitepapers can also be used to supply thought leadership on a number of IT industry trends such as workload containerization, AI/ML workloads, and IoT solutions.
  • Blogging, similar to white papers above, but more technical and focused on a single topic, can help vendors raise their messaging above the industry noise.
  • Sponsored GreyBeardsOnStorage podcasts, help to provide a venue for vendors to discuss products, technologies, and trends in the industry today.
  • Webinar/webcast moderation/participation, help to supply another path to help inform, educate and excite customers about system solutions.
  • Presentations can also help to inform, educate and excite customers about system technology, capabilities, and performance

SCI Vendor Strategic Services

In addition to marketing services noted above, SCI also provides vendors:

  • Messaging reviews can help bring an independent viewpoint to your marketing collaterals to insure they are well received by customer audiences.
  • Strategic reviews can help to point your product direction to areas that can lead to high adoption and significant revenue opportunities.

SCI Vendor Product Development Services

We also provide development services to vendors which include:

  • Product performance reviews can help to show how well your system performs compared to similar systems from other vendors to supply better performance for customer workloads.
  • Product development reviews can help organizations better understand their current development processes and where they could be improved.
  • Development/Engineering management services can help organizations suffering from a loss of engineering management act as a substitute for those individuals to until new manager(s) can be hired to fill those positions.

SCI Data Center/Cloud services

Furthermore, SCI also supports IT organizations with data centers or using the cloud by supplying:

  • Systems and storage purchase services which can help IT organizations make the best purchase decisions to meet their application requirements.
  • Systems and storage optimization services which can help IT organizations understand how to optimize their application performance on current infrastructure
  • AI/ML training and inferencing services which can help IT organizations to use leading edge AI/ML technologies to grow customer participation, increase system adoption, and increase customer satisfaction.