SCI Case Studies

  • Analyst White Paper

    A major storage vendor had a new product feature coming out which would improve the BC/DR capabilities of their storage solution. The new feature had some very interesting technical characteristics never before seen in the storage industry. The vendor selected Silverton Consulting to write up a white paper on the new feature and highlighted the … Continue reading Analyst White Paper

  • Performance Report

    A major networking vendor wished to discuss the business need for their latest bandwidth offering. The new networking speed was a significant increase over current industry practice, but the applications that were just coming onboard could make good use of the higher speed networking. The performance report was provided to the vendor for unlimited downloads, … Continue reading Performance Report

  • SWOT Analysis

    A major component vendor was concerned about the potential impact of new technology that was beginning to encroach into their market space. The suppliers of the technology were also making inroads, moving upstream into the supply chain, beginning to encroach on the component vendors turf. The commissioned a SWOT study of the technology and their … Continue reading SWOT Analysis

  • Data center and IT services

    A rather large healthcare media provider was interested in updating their infrastructure. The challenge was being able to sustain the bandwidth requirements while at the same time offering the random I/O performance demanded of their end users. We examined a number of vender solutions and recommended one which we felt offered the best performance that … Continue reading Data center and IT services

  • New Product Development Services

    One client was changing microprocessor architectures and wanted to understand the difficulties encountered in doing this sort of transition in a embedded systems environment. We researched the two microprocessor architectures and provided a bulleted list of things to look out for as well as a body of research discussing how these transitions have gone in … Continue reading New Product Development Services

  • Lab validation report

    A major IT vendor had some new cloud infrastructural tie-ins that they just introduced and wished to have a Lab Validation Report written up comparing their solution to the current cloud-based solutions on the market. Their cloud solution worked on a number of major public cloud providers. The validation activities involved establishing a number of … Continue reading Lab validation report