Latest SPC-1 IOPS results – chart of the month

SCISPC110221-001 (c) Silverton Consulting, Inc., All Rights Reserved
SCISPC110221-001 (c) Silverton Consulting, Inc., All Rights Reserved

As one can see from this chart clusters of off the shelf components are starting to dominate maximum IOPS performance in SPC-1.

The newest member to this chart is the Huawei Symantec Oceanspace S8100 which sported 8 storage server nodes and came in at just a touch above 300K IO/second in SPC-1 benchmark results.  It used 16-8GFC links and over 1150 disk drives to attain this performance.

Other cluster oriented systems here include all the IBM SVC submissions (#1,2,6, & 7) as well as the now HP 3Par system coming in at number 9.  One could probably argue that the IBM Power 595 w/SSDs also should also be considered a clustered system but it really only had one server (with 96 cores on it though) with SAS connected SSDs behind it.

It’s somewhat surprising not to see better performance from using SSDs on this chart.  The only SSD systems being IBM Power 594 and the two TMS systems.  It’s apparent from this data that one can obtain superior performance just by using lots of disk drives, at least for SPC-1 IOPS.


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