EMC World 2012 Day 2a – VMware & VMAX


VMware’s vision

Paul Maritz CEO of VMware came up and gave his vision for the new transformations impacting the IT  world today. It all starts with infrastructure transformation and VMware’s build out of the cloud infrastructure suite (stack).  Paul described the backend transformation provided by VMware as follows:

  • vSphere – providing virtualization, pooling oand scheduling of resources across multiple physical boundaries,
  • vShield – providing software defined services across net, storage and server resources in the infrastructure,
  • vCloud Director – providing administration, self service and multi-tenancy for physical and virtual resources,
  • vCenter Operations Manager – providing automated monitoring and management of physical and virtual resources,
  • vFabric Data and Application Director(s) – providing app-aware and data (aware?) service provisioning.


20120522-122601.jpgPaul went on to discuss the frontend transformation primarily through VMware View 5.1 and VMware’s Horizon Suite covering any display out there. He finished up talking about application transformation keying on Spring framework, GemFire RAM database, and CloudFoundery.org/.com open source cloud APIs.


VMAX enhancements

Brian Gallagher did a keynote on the changes to the VMAX product line, with the new 10K, 20K and 40K storage systems supporting ~1PB, ~2PB and over ~4PB of capacity.

The new systems also support both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives and will now support eMLC SSDs. Brian talked about the many millions of run hours they now have on FAST VP in enterprises around the world.

He also introduced the VMAX SP, a new storage service offering where EMC owns the equipment and sells storage QOS to the customer with special SLAS associated with the storage.  Brian sees this as a step to increasing IT agility allowing for a quick turnaround deployment of enterprise storage without the high acquisition cost and complexity.

Brian also talked about Federated Storage Tiering where VMAX can now incorporate other vendor storage as a storage tier with VMAX advanced functionality in front of it.

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… more to come.

EMC World 2012 part 1a – more storage announcements

Continuing my EMC World posts, Pat mentioned that 42 new enhancements were being introduced at EMC world today.  My notes were sketchy but this is a smattering of some more of the storage subsystem announcements:

  • New Isilon software and hardware, the X400 with 2X performance and 2X capacity of previous generation node (S200?).  Isilon “Mavericks” software now includes native HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system), better VASA and VAAI integration (VMware), better read-write snapshots, multi-node/multi-stream replication, Sec 14-a4 compliance and RBAC management security.
  • New VMAX 10k, 20k and 40K at the top end, the 40K is a completely new storage system with 2x performance and 2X capacity over prior top end VMAX storage (seems to be a 2X theme here), the 10K will replace the VMAXe and the 20K is the replacement for the current VMAX storage system. No mention of how many controller pairs in each system but assume its something like 2, 4 and 8, for the 10K, 20K and 40K respectively  (maybe?).  Pat said the new 40K can support over 50GB/sec of data transfer (would like to see that on SPC-2 benchmark).

…. more to come.